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Closeup of an axial air mover and an LGR large dehumidifier drying out a kitchen with the wooden floor visible

Kitchen Water Loss in Coon Rapids

When our customer in Coon Rapids called us to help with a water leak from her refrigerator, we responded and arrived in less than two hours. We understand the rapid degradation that can occur to hardwood flooring and kitchen cabinets. With a rapid removal of the visible water and air movers and a powerful LGR dehumidifier, we soon had the kitchen dried out, "Like it never even happened."

equipment drying water damaged bathroom

Water Damage In Coon Rapids

A homeowner in Coon Rapids had a water line backup. The whole basement was affected. We arrived quickly and started the restoration process. Our technicians were able to return this property to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

ice maker on their fridge leaked causing damage

Water Damage In Coon Rapids

A homeowner in Coon Rapids had an ice maker on their fridge leak. The kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom were affected. We were on-site in two hours to clean up the mess. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County has the training and equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Visible backup debris in a modular shower stall

Roseville Sewer Backup at a Facility

Recently, there was a sewer back up at a senior living facility in Roseville, MN. This blockage affected six units where the sewage backed up through the drain into each of the residents' bathrooms. Fortunately, the contaminated sewage was captured and contained in the shower basin of each stall. We extracted and sanitized all affected units. We also sprayed a pleasant product to improve the indoor air quality. The senior citizens were pleased and felt, "Like it never even happened."

St Paul Water Loss

This bathroom in a St Paul home was affected by a water loss caused by the ice maker in the kitchen. Water can travel through wall cavities and soak the sheetrock and cabinets. Pictured is a dehumidifier extracting water vapor from the enclosed bathroom to prevent secondary water damage.

Coon Rapids Water Loss Drying

The burst pipe soaked the carpet with sufficient water over two days that the Coon Rapids homeowner asked SERVPRO to get rid of the carpet along with the water and dampness. We obliged our custom, and the concrete pad is being dried by some of our advanced equipment. Notice the walls are still clear of water lines or marks from removing the carpet. Precise work, every time.

Fire Damage Repair In Coon Rapids

Don't hesitate to call us if your Coon Rapids home experiences a fire. Our fire damage technicians are standing by 24/7 to respond to your emergency. We have the training, experience, and equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County will make it “Like it never even happened.”

Another Anoka Kitchen FIre

The stove top in this Anoka kitchen tells the story--another fire because of an "unwatched" pot. SERVPRO techs can quickly come to mitigate the fire damage, remove the non-salvageable items, and install an air scrubber outfitted with a HEPA and activated charcoal filters to neutralize the foul odors. Call us for help.

Water Damaged Home

What do you do when water invades your living space?  This homeowner called SERVPRO.  We have the equipment and expertise to dry your home and make it "Like it never even happened." Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for all your water restoration needs.

Fire Damage at Waters Senior Living Facility

The Waters Senior Living in White Bear Lake, MN had a fire on Saturday morning at around 10am. A resident's mattress caught on fire and set off the sprinklers. Most of the damage was due to the water. The water affected two floors and all of the residents had to be transferred to other rooms in the building or at other locations. SERVPRO dispatched a team to remediate the fire damage and dry out the excess water.

When your home or business has fire and subsequent water damage, calling our IICRC certified team can help prevent a mold infestation.  Call our technicians right away for best results.  We are available 24/7 365 days a year to take your call, day or night.

Water Damage – Anoka Public Library

Water damage at this Anoka Public Library required an immediate response as there were many books in danger of permanent damage. A rapid response to water damage always diminishes the extent of the damage and the cost of restoration. It prevents excessive absorption into the affected materials. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka is equipped to provide 24/7 immediate service using the latest equipment and operated by industry certified technicians.

Anoka Area Storm Damaged Home

Flood waters can significantly damage homes in the Anoka area requiring immediate help. SERVPRO can respond quickly to remove the standing, contaminated water and provide flood cuts to minimize on-going and secondary damages from occurring. We multi-task as shown in the Photo.

Fire Damage In Coon Rapids

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County are the experts when it comes to fire damage repair and restoration. Our fire damage specialists are ready 24/7 and Faster to Any Size Disaster. SERVPRO has the experience, equipment, and training to restore your property to pre-damage condition.

Frozen Pipes Lead To Water Damage In Coon Rapids

This morning the team at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County had a meeting regarding broken pipes and water damage. Our hardworking crew had been assisting our customers 7 days a week with their water damage emergencies. Water damage can strike your residential and commercial property at any time. At SERVPRO, we provide our clientele with 24-hour emergency service.

A Clogged Restroom in a Coon Rapids Office Complex

Commercial offices in Coon Rapids cannot afford sewage backups in the clients only restroom. Many management companies know to call SERVPRO to restore the workplace to a pleasant condition. We can safely cleanup and disinfect the room, add a deodorizing agent to improve the ambiance, and leave "Like it never even happened."

Ham Lake and Fire Damage

The kitchen fire damaged several rooms in this Ham Lake property. The cleanup and odor removal were two critical aspects of this fire damage restoration process. Our SERVPRO team strives to restore rather than replace burnt or damaged items whenever possible.

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids House

Storm damage occurred at this Coon Rapids house when groundwater was forced through the front door. There was enough water intrusion to cover the tile flooring and wick up the baseboards and drywall. We suctioned up the standing water on the tile flooring and used high tech measuring instruments to make sure the subflooring had not been affected. We needed to remove some lower sections of drywall to allow for drying within the walls where water had wicked up within the walls. The photo shows dehumidifiers, and commercial air movers placed to aid the drying process.

Water Damage Restoration in Coon Rapids

This photo depicts the demolition of a two-foot high section of drywall in a locker room in Coon Rapids. SERVPRO efforts minimized costs and inconveniences to our client and his customers. Rapid drying also preserved the metal studs from rusting. Rely on us for professional services, every time!

Commercial Water Damage – Coon Rapids

Commercial water damage can reach substantial proportions in Coon Rapids. Pictured is a large trailer mounted industrial desiccant dehumidifier which is employed by SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for large loss situations.

Jessie & SERVPRO Rescue Homes and Fish

Recently our team received a call to respond to a house fire in Coon Rapids.  The fire started in the kitchen, and there was significant damage throughout the home.  Due to the damage, there wasn’t any electrical or heat in the home when our team arrived.  The family was safe but very distraught about the damage to their home. They were also concerned about their saltwater aquarium and the possibility of the fish dying due to the loss of power. Our production manager Jesse took it upon himself to rescue the fish and bring them back to the saltwater tank we have in the lobby of our office. We agreed to keep the fish safe here until the family is ready to move back to their home. Our SERVPRO team cares about your family, home, and pets. We are here when you need us.

Oak Park Mold Infestation

This bank owned house developed a serious mold infestation because of lack of air circulation. The humid environment allowed these patches to flourish. We removed the damaged drywall material, applied an antifungal agent, closed up the affected area and left the finish to the bank contractor. Oak Park Mold Infestation

Fire Damage to a Bonus Room

This finished attic area was torched by a cigarette. There was significant demolition to remove non-salvageable walls and ceiling materials. We used hydroxyl generators to eliminate the smoke odors and refinished the hardwood flooring as the final step.

How Does Mold Look?

This wall in an Andover home is covered with several species of mold. These fungi grow when there is sufficient moisture, food source, and environmental conditions available. We cut out a portion of this wall to treat and then rebuild that section of the wall.

Fire Damage in an Abandoned Structure in Coon Rapids

The fire left behind peeling paint and smoky walls, and an attic that need attention. Our SERVPRO technicians set up air scrubbers and ozone machines to eliminate the odors as we cleaned up the debris and burnt materials. We completed our assignment by priming the walls with a special coating after the smoke and soot removal.

Storm Damage – Coon Rapids

Storm Damage can reach epic proportions in Coon Rapids. When this occurs, large commercial equipment is often necessary to handle the disaster. Commercial truck mounted generators, and desiccant dehumidifiers are often needed to clean up all of the water. If storm damage affects your home or commercial facility, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712. We proudly offer 24-hour emergency service, and we are equipped to deal with any size disaster.

Hurricane Matthew Damage Restoration

Our SERVPRO Storm Team journeyed to Elizabeth City, NC to assist with the water damage restoration to residents who found their homes underwater. These customers were pleased to see how rapidly we removed waterlogged furnishings and building materials from their home. The Black Water from the flooding contained debris, soil, chemicals, and unwanted microorganisms. The faster the cleanup, the sooner we could sanitize the house. We set up drying equipment to reduce the oppressive humidity and improve the indoor air quality. Our team worked many hours to restore order.

Demolition and Sanitation After Hurricane Matthew

After this house was cleared of debris and discarded items, we began the demolition. The porous, contaminated drywall was gutted above the waterline of the floodwaters and tossed. We set up air movers and dehumidifiers to further dry out the premises before we sprayed antifungal and antimicrobial products for final sanitation. We, along with the owners, were pleased that the rebuild by a different local company would be completed in about one month. We moved on to the next house to continue proudly in helping those in need. Count on SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County for storm damage restoration. (763) 712-9712

Mold Damage – Coon Rapids Bathroom

Mold Damage to this Coon Rapids bathroom was discovered during a remodeling update. The photo shows the infestation grew inside the wall and completely to the adjacent room. SERVPRO was called to remove the mold. We cut away the severely damaged portion of drywall to allow for treatment and drying inside the wall. The entire affected area was treated with and antimicrobial substance and readied for the finish work.

SERVPRO Keeps Dental Office Open for Business

After a big storm here last week we were called out to a dentist’s office in Coon Rapids.  The staff came into the office in the morning to find their basement completely flooded.  We had a team on site in 45 minutes to extract the water and set drying equipment, both air movers, and dehumidifiers. Because of our quick response, the office did not have to cancel any patient appointments, and all of their patient records were kept from being damaged. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County keeps your business in business. (763) 712-9712

Another happy customer in Coon Rapids

Testimonial from Paul F.

"Our washing machine supply line hose ruptured and 2 inches of water was in our basement on a Sunday night.  Once the SERVPRO team arrived, they stayed until 1:30 in the morning cleaning up.

Because we live in a townhouse complex we have a shared basement area and due to the work of the SERVPRO team we contained the water in our unit and saved the rest of the Townhouse Association significant damage.

Over the next several days Tucker and his crew returned to assess any further damage and remove the saturated sheetrock and carpeting that needed to be replaced. I want to thank Tucker and this SERVPRO Team for their professionalism and dealing with the insurance in a timely manner.  I would highly recommend their service."

Our SERVPRO Storm Team Does It Again!

Scott Clemente stands alongside some of our team members from left to right, Faleasha Groce, Stacie Martin, Tucker Towner, Kyler Webb, Joe Boursell and Jordan Hogland.
Our “Storm Wall” hangs an image of each state that we help during a Large Loss emergency. This is where we celebrate the successful completion of each trip we make as part of the SERVPRO Storm Team.  We are members of the STORM Team that travels to different parts of the country having been affected by severe weather, helping homeowners and businesses get back on their feet.

This is a Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber

You are looking inside of a high-tech, water extracting Vacuum Freeze Drying Chamber. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County uses this impressive looking piece of equipment for serious water damage restoration. Important copies of documents, blueprints, medical files, and law briefs that suffer from wetting need quick help for salvaging. This unit can be mobile to begin quickly the water extraction process on-site at a hospital, school, courthouse or firm. By rapidly freezing the items through the use of air pressure reduction, the damage is "frozen" in place as evaporation removes the moisture. This fast rate of moisture removal called "Lyophilization" can salvage many important and irreplaceable business and personal possessions. Your photo albums may be saved by the expertise of SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County. Our technicians are always there 24/7 to help with your urgent water damaging need by calling (763) 712-9712

Andover Commercial Water Damage on a Large Scale

We were called out to this vacant commercial property in Andover due to a water supply leak that had been running for several days.  When we arrived, we found over 25 individual offices at the property affected by water damage and several collapsed ceilings.  Our team of Certified ASD (Applied Structural Drying) technicians extracted all the water and cleaned up all the debris to stabilize the job site and then set a drying system throughout the property.  We worked in coordination with the building owner and property manager throughout the process to get the building dry and operational as quickly and efficiently as possible. SERVPRO has the crews, equipment, and expertise to secure any water damaged commercial building.

SERVPRO Dries Out Big Shoe Box

A Big Box Shoe Outlet had a malfunction with the fire-suppressant sprinkler system late on a Sunday afternoon. The supply line burst and flooded several aisles of the main floor with enough water to demand immediate attention. We were on site within the hour and quickly extracted the standing water. Our rapid response saved the carpeting and the displays from any permanent water damage. By activating the air movers and dehumidifiers during the extraction process, we also mitigated losses to the inventory of shoes. Whether your home, or place of business demands fast help from fire, mold, or any water damaging event, you can trust SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County to answer your call for help 24/7 by simply calling (763) 712-9712.

A Water Damaged Church in St. Paul Is Restored BY SERVPRO

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County received an emergency call from a church in St. Paul. On this Dec. 22 day we were told a pipe had burst and flooded their church several days before Christmas Day Mass had been planned. This was a large loss, but we responded immediately, even transporting in a large truck mounted diesel generator. There was no power. We were spirited in our efforts to save Christmas Day Mass, which we did! The building and pews were successfully dried, and mass went on "Like it never even happened." SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County proudly helped our friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. We can help with any fire, mold, or water damage that may happen to your property. Call us 24/7 at (763) 712-9712

Burn Boxes for Local Fire Department Demostrations

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is building two steel burn boxes in partnership with the Hopkins Fire Department. The burn boxes will be used in our SERVPRO Continuing Education classes. Local fire departments in the Twin Cities area can utilize the burn boxes during open houses to conduct side by side burns for training purposes. If you have any questions about the burn boxes or fire damage cleanup, call us at 763-712-9712.

Water extraction in Coon Rapids

The SERVPRO team was quick to respond at a residential water loss in Coon Rapids. There was a large amount of household contents to pack and transfer to our box truck. Water extraction was needed in the basement. Call us 24/7 for all of your water damage or flood needs. (763) 712-9712.

Fire Damaged Home in Hamm Lake

A large fire affected most of this home. The professionals at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County arrived quickly to repair the damage from the fire and the water that was used to put out the fire. Please call us 24/7 for all of your fire damage needs. (763) 712-9712.

Coon Rapids Water Damage on Shower Ceiling

This homeowner experienced water damage in their bathroom. This shows the damage above the shower area. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids technicians removed all of the affected drywall, and assisted in repairing the cause of the water damage to prevent future occurrences. Call us today for all of your water damage needs. (763) 712-9712.

Mold Damage on Furniture in Anoka

Mold Damage occurs on furniture and the professionals at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids are trained to remove the mold. With the help of professional cleaning supplies and the knowledge of how to prevent the spread of the mold spores, the team at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids was able to clean this furniture. Call us for all of your mold damage needs. (763) 712-9712.

Storm Damage in Andover Home

After a large storm it was discovered by this homeowner that the window was not completely closed, causing water damage under the window. The team at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids removed the hardwood flooring. The area was then completely dried.

Zimmerman Office Bathroom Water Damage

The trim and drywall in the office's bathroom was affected by water damage. The SERVPRO of Coon Rapid's team removed the affected materials and dried the room. Call us today for all of your storm damage needs. (763) 712-9712.