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Water Damage Restoration: A SERVPRO® Short Story

8/14/2023 (Permalink)

Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of a SERVPRO® technician looks like? Read Emily's story below to get a sneak peek!

Water Damage Restoration Short Story

In the heart of a rain-soaked town, a SERVPRO technician named Emily was a silent hero working to undo the havoc wreaked by a sudden and merciless storm. As dawn broke, the phone rang, summoning her to a home that had become a victim of relentless flooding.

Arriving at the scene, Emily stepped into ankle-deep water, her SERVPRO uniform ready to bear witness to the challenging task ahead. With a determined nod, she began her meticulous dance with the water's chaos.

First, Emily assessed the extent of the water damage, a critical step that would shape her plan of action. She meticulously cataloged the affected areas, from drenched carpets to soggy walls, ensuring no detail escaped her watchful eye.

Equipped with an arsenal of specialized tools, Emily initiated the water extraction process. Her nimble fingers worked deftly as she wielded industrial-grade pumps, swiftly draining the stagnant water that had invaded the home's sanctity. Her movements were deliberate, each action inching the house closer to its former glory.

As the last of the water vanished, Emily's focus shifted to drying and dehumidifying the space. She strategically placed high-powered air movers and dehumidifiers, orchestrating a symphony of airflow that whisked away moisture, one molecule at a time. It was a delicate ballet of science and technique, executed flawlessly by Emily's experienced hands.

With the environment primed, Emily turned her attention to the aftermath of the flood: damaged furniture, warping wood, and the musty scent that clung to the air. Her skilled touch brought these elements back to life. She meticulously cleaned and sanitized surfaces, her meticulous efforts erasing any traces of the disaster.

Emily's dedication was more than just a job; it was an act of restoring normalcy to a family's life. The gratitude in their eyes as they surveyed their rejuvenated home was the ultimate reward for her hard work.

In the end, Emily stood amidst a scene of triumph. The water damage had been tamed, the chaos quelled. Her role as a SERVPRO technician had not only salvaged a house but also rekindled hope. And as Emily left the once-flooded home, her steps were light with the knowledge that she had made a difference – one that would resonate long after the floodwaters had receded.

Water Damage Repair Timeline

9/19/2022 (Permalink)

The annoyance and ruination of water damage happens to U.S. homeowners a troubling 14,000 times a day. Statistically speaking, it’s happening at least once somewhere in America while you read this paragraph. And there it goes again.

Obviously, we hope your home stays bone dry as long as you live there, but should the day arise when you need emergency assistance from SERVPRO, here’s how all that will go.

Emergency Contact. When you reach out in a panic, we’ll reassure you and walk you though some guiding questions to help us understand the situation and start putting a plan together. Then we’ll set a time to meet in person. All of this will happen quickly.

Inspection and Water Damage Assessment. Once we arrive on the scene, we can flesh out the plan and stop any water that may still be flowing. We’ll make sure you know if the encroaching water has created any hazards on your property, and we’ll also give you an idea of the items or materials that will likely need replacement.

Water Removal. You’ll never get all that water out with a bucket or a regular water vacuum. That’s why we bring our pumps to make quick work of it.

Damaged Material Removal. The items that are unable to be restored can now be hauled away, expediting the process of restoration for the items and materials that remain.

Cleaning, Sanitizing and Deodorization. Water damage can leave a yucky mess. We’ll use our tools and some old-fashioned elbow grease to rid your home of unwanted stains, smells and depending on the nature of your emergency, harmful contaminants.

Drying. It’s only a short while after water invades that mold begins to grow. Even after the water is pumped out, your home will need some dehumidifying and drying out.

Monitoring. We’ll be carefully watching the entire process, making sure every box is ticked and every surface is cleaned and dried. Don’t you worry about a thing.

Repairs and Construction. Now that everything is dry and in order, we can go about the finishing touches, which may range from replacing carpet to reconstructing entire rooms. Large or small, we’ll be there to oversee every aspect of your water damage restoration.

Preventing Spring Water Damage

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

We all know the old saying, "April showers bring May flowers." With springtime comes melting snow and heavy downpours, which can bring unwanted surprises to light on your property like roof leaks or water that comes through in your basement's foundation. Soggy carpet and dripping ceilings often lead to water damage. Have no fear! Taking the following steps can help prevent water damage in the spring.

Tips to Prevent Springtime Water Damage

  • Groom your gutters. Keep the flow flowing! By cleaning your gutters and keeping them damage free, water will be directed away from your house with downspout extensions.
  • Cover up! Using plastic covers around window wells can keep rain from seeping in.
  • Show your roof some love. Give your roof some much needed TLC by replacing missing singles, any damage from storms or weather, and keep flashing sealed. We promise it's worth the effort!
  • Be an Einstein landscaper. When putting decoration or landscaping around your home, make sure to slope the ground away from your foundation. This will help prevent water from pooling and causing future water damage issues.
  • It's all about the foundation. By repairing cracks and holes in your home's foundation as soon as they are found, you can keep the water away and minimize your odds of water damage!

Here at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County, we know that water damage can be a hassle. If you follow the above tips, you might just save yourself from seeing our bright green vans. Whether you use our tips or not, water damage can still happen. That's where we come in!

Give us a call at 763-712-9712 at any hour of the day! We've got technicians at the ready to help you in your time of need.

Preventing Household Winter Water Damage

1/23/2022 (Permalink)

frozen pipe from water damage With our vast commercial and residential water damage restoration capabilities, you'll never have to ask yourself who to call again!

No matter the season somehow water can always find a way to damage properties. During the cold season, uninsulated pipes can freeze and burst, ice dams can cause roofing issues, and thawed snow can enter basements. Read the blog below to see what you can do as a property manager to prevent winter water damage.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Insulate all water pipes in unheated areas whether its a crawl space, under the kitchen, in the basement, or behind bathroom cabinets.
  • Ensure that you leave your home at an adequate temperature if you leave for an extended period of time. If you're nervous about the functionality of your heating system, a trusted person should check on your home once a week.
  • Running a trickle of water through pipes will help prevent them from freezing. Although this is not a long-term solution, it can help save your pipes from bursting in a pinch.

Preventing Ice Dams

  • Keep the snow on your roof under 15 centimeters. To remove snow from the roof, use a roof rake or long-handled brush to avoid using a ladder.
  • Insulate your attic to prevent warm air from melting snow on your roof. If water is melting and then freezing, it can cause ice dams to form at the edge of your roof.
  • Install a water membrane underneath the roof shingles to help prevent water from seeping in.

General Winter Water Damage Safety Tips

  • Place a water leak detector near high risk areas such as on sump pumps, near water-bearing fixtures, and around pipes.
  • Check your water supply lines annually for leaks. Appliances such as the hot water heater, washing machine, and refrigerator will have these supply lines.
  • Disconnect your outdoor hoses. This will prevent water from getting into the line and creating a blockage which in turn can cause backflow.

Preventing Winter Water Damage

11/30/2021 (Permalink)

In Minnesota, winter is cold, uncomfortable, and unfortunately brings with it the scary possibility that your home will suffer winter water damage. When temperatures dip below freezing, there are several things that can cause dramatic water damage in your property. See the water damage prevention tips below to see how regular maintenance and inspection can lower your risks for water damage.

Here are the top causes of water damage in the winter:

Burst Pipes

Extremely low temperatures can wreak havoc on pipes. Many people think that pipes burst because of the freezing and expanding, however, it is more from the increasing water pressure when there is blockage. By ensuring that your pipes have proper insulation, you can reduce the risk of having a burst pipe during the winter months. Any pipes that lead to the outdoors or are outdoors, including anything in a weakly heated area (some basements and garages) should be properly insulated. A trick to make sure that your pipes don't freezing is to leave your faucets with a small drip so that water is constantly flowing in the pipe, making it unable to freeze.

Blocked Gutters

Gutters are made to bring water to a safe place away from your home so that water damage does not occur. Many people, unfortunately, take their utters for granted. If your gutters are clogged with materials like ice or debris, it may lead to a serious issue. When water freezes within your gutters, this water can seep into your home and cause damage when it begins melting. Make sure to keep your gutters clean at all times so that water does not have a chance to build up and freeze, creating a blockage and problems down the line.

Exterior Water Sources

Water sources from the outdoors can become even more dangerous in freezing temperatures even more so than in the summer. Make sure to drain any garden hoses and store them somewhere safe for the winter. Shut off your outdoor water valves so that in the event of a pipe burst, water will not rush back into your home. 

Even if you take all of the precautionary measures listed in this blog, you may still experience water damageIf you are unequipped to restore water damage within your home, call our certified technicians at 763-712-9712. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County will make sure your water damage restoration is done right.

Your Local Water Damage Repair Company

11/15/2021 (Permalink)

water damage daily departure in living room Here is an instance where we had to remove drywall that was damaged by intruding water.

Water Damage Restoration

When you have a water damage event on your property, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County will respond quickly to prevent further damage and begin the water repair and restoration process.

Water damage is caused by intruding water that attacks materials, creating rotting wood, microbial growth, bacterial growth, rusting of steel, swelling of wood, and de-lamination of materials like carpet and plywood. 

Originating from a wide variety of sources like a dishwasher hose, a washing machine overflow, broken and leaking pipes, flooding, and building envelope failures, 13.7% of all water used in a home today can be attributed to plumbing leaks.

Small Hole, Massive Problem

On average, each home in the United States will waste approximately 10,000 gallons of water. per year For example, a tiny 1/8th inch hole in a pipe can release almost 250 gallons of water per day. This scary statistic alone should be enough reasoning as to why you should replace any worn pipe fittings and hose connections to all household appliances that use water at least once per year.

Following Procedure

The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) is one of the main certifying bodies that regulates and educates our technicians on water damage restoration procedures. Although every water damage event is different, the water damage restoration steps are often the same. To review how we handle water damage restoration, check out our process here.

Why choose SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County ?

First, our customer-focused professionals will assess the water damage to your property. Afterwards, our top-notch people will help ensure that you understand the severity of the damage so that you are able to make the best decisions for the restoration of your home.

Whatever size the water damage is to your property, we have the equipment to deal with it. Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County at 763-712-9712 for our 24/7 services.

Put a Halt to Water Damage

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

water damage in bedroom Whether you live near Lake Minnetonka, in the urban areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, or in surrounding communities, we can help!

Traveling Water Damage

When your property faces water damage, it can be an eye-opening experience. The effects of water damage can be extremely daunting as the building's materials and your personal contents are being soaked from the water. In this blog, you will discover that three are steps that you can take in order to minimize the amount of water damage that will occur.

Follow these water damage cleanup steps:

Eradicate the source of the water.

  • Although this is seemingly obvious, many people will panic when they see flooding water on their property. Before you move on to any of the next steps, you need to complete this one first, without a doubt. Sometimes the source of the water isn't obvious and you will have to search around your property for a burst pipe, a broken water heater, or even a blocked gutter.

Remove as much water as possible.

  • Make sure that the water is not contaminated before trying to extract the water! If the water is dirty (sewage, flood water, or has been sitting for a long period of time) you should always wait for a water restoration professional to avoid illness. If there are only a few inches on the floor, you can use whatever tools you have available to clean it up. 

Separate all personal items from the affected areas.

  • To prevent your personal belongings from suffering water damage, remove all materials that not are not attached to the floors or the walls. Make certain that you are grabbing any porous materials like wood, fabrics, and paper because they pose the highest risk for permanent damage.

Get those fans movin'!

  • One of the most important parts of the drying process is to remove as much moisture from the air as possible. You can use any dehumidifiers or large fans in addition to opening windows as long as the outside conditions will allow for proper drying. By keeping the air circulating, you will prevent bacterial growth and promote drying.

If you are unable to perform any of these functions yourself, give us a call! We're professionally trained and always ready for anything!

Tips for Preventing Water Damage in Your Home

8/23/2021 (Permalink)

daily departure photo of rooms with fans after water damage has occurred, Here is a daily departure photo of rooms with fans after water damage has occurred,

Water damage is one of the most common structural damage problems home and business owners have to deal with. Unlike other types of damage, which tend to be sudden and easy to notice, water damage usually happens slowly over time and is not noticeable until it's too late. However, some types of water damage, such as those from hurricanes and thunderstorms, can occur very quickly with disastrous results.

If you want to make sure that you never have to call for a water damage restoration company near you, it's best to prepare your property for water damage before disaster strikes.

The easiest way to avoid having to call an excellent water damage restoration company such as ours is to try to avoid water damage altogether. Although this can be a tall order, especially within storm season, that gives you all the more reason to be prepared.

4 Essential Water Damage Prevention Practices:

Fix and renovate your plumbing.

Most people associate water damage with thunderstorms and hurricanes, when in reality, the real problem is bad plumbing. Whether it's a new but poorly constructed building or an older building that has had no plumbing renovation in decades - a water pipe burst in a house can wreak havoc either way. Updating your plumbing can be as simple as starting with the hoses and faucets and then you can move on to the seals and pipes.

Take care of your building's exterior structure.

Storms and other disastrous weather conditions are a primary task for water restoration companies. To avoid having to deal with the consequences of a weather disaster, it is crucial to renovate your building's exterior by:

  • Caulking and sealing windows
  • Installing impact windows
  • Replace missing or damage shingles on your roof
  • Clean downspouts and install gutter guards
  • Repair outside walls if they are not fully sealed

Prevent water seepage by resealing your basement.

Basement water damage restoration is extremely common for our business. It is an extremely common area or water seepage to occur. Routinely check for cracks in the building's foundation and floor slabs - make it an effort to reseal them. Be sure to install backwater valves to your sewage system to help avoid sewer backup.

Keep your eyes peeled for mold growth.

Mold is not only caused by water damage, but it also causes further water damage by eroding your building's foundation. Check for mold growth in your basement, crawlspace, and roof to make sure that your structure is in superior condition.

If you are unsure whether or not you have water damage or mold damage, we are a water damage restoration resource for you. Give us a call at 763-712-9712 with any of your needs.

How To Tell If Water Damage Is Old

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

As water damage restoration experts, we understand the issues that water damage presents, especially when it isn't in your sight. When discovered, water spots are clues that indicate a leaky pipe or condensation that is generating the problem.

Even though it impossible to know exactly how long your water damage issues have lingered, there are steps you can take to tell if your water damage is old or new.

Steps to Determining if your Water Damage is Old

  1. Review the history of the house. As soon as water spots are discovered, take note of when you found them. IT's important to recognize and understand what is new and what is old because smaller leaks can take months to appear.
  2. Touch the water spot. Water damage drywall or a water damage ceiling spot will be mushy and squishy since the material will have soaked up a fair amount of water. A newer spot will be wet, but the drywall and ceiling will remain strong.
  3. Examine the materials. It's important to know what materials your walls and ceilings are composed of because thick paint or tiles can trap water. If this is the circumstance, even a small spot where there is water damage can indicate that it has been around for awhile. 

Are you still unsure how to tell if water damage is old or new? Give us a call today!

As your local water damage repair company, we can fix drywall water damage! For all of your water damage restoration needs, get in touch with us. When there's a lea that you cannot detect, it is crucial to contact an expert like us! Call 763-712-9712 now!

Plugging Your Water Damage Questions

5/10/2021 (Permalink)

leaking pipe causing water damage From our state of the art 18,000 square foot facility in Minnetonka, we have the ability to quickly dispatch our 30 IICRC Certified Technicians.

When water damages residential and commercial properties in our area, property owners have a lot of questions.

Here are the answers to your burning questions about water damage restoration.

What happens when water floods my home or business?

Once drywall comes in contact with water it begins to sag and disintegrate. If the water is not contained quickly and in a proper manner, the wood will begin to swell. The more time that water is spent within the contents of your home, the more likely your hardwood floors will buckle and warp. 

Why do I need to call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County? I already wiped up the water myself.

If your property was flooded with water the most important issue to address is the water that you can't see, not the water that you wiped up in the middle of your floor. Mold and mildew love to grow in the dark cavities of your home. To prevent future health and structural problems, call 763-712-9712 and leave it to the experts.

How does a professional water damage restoration contractor handle water differently than I would?

Your normal household fan and towels won't cut it when there's been excessive water damage. We use specialized industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to handle water after a flood. Our advanced technology will be placed in a precise manner, drying drying your property out as fast as possible. 

How long does it take to dry my home or business?

The answer varies with every different situation. The type of water damage, the extent of the damage, how long the water was at the property, and the material that was effected. Typically water damage takes 2-3 days to dry, but if the materials have been exposed for a long period of time there may be other issues!

Is it okay to leave the equipment running all day every day? 

Without a doubt! Our equipment was created to run for extended periods of time without causing any safety problems. The equipment is placed in a precise location according to our moisture mapping - do not move it!

Do I have to use the restoration company the insurance company recommends?

No way! You are free to hire whoever you want, you absolutely do not have to use what they recommend. 

Why hire us? Once we have the information about the claim you make, we will communicate directly with your insurance agent. This way you'll be able to worry less - we know you've already experienced enough hassle.

Residential and Commercial Restoration

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is close by and ready to respond to your cleaning or restoration needs. We are proud to be an active member of the Coon Rapids community and want to do our part to make our community the best it can be.

Have Questions? Call Us Today – 763-712-9712

You Can't Build a Strong Home on a Weak Foundation

4/26/2021 (Permalink)

cracking foundation in Central Anoka County We have staff on call 24/7 so whether it is the middle of the day or the middle of the night, we will have our team ready to help!

Foundation water damage weakens the structure of your home, causes cracks, bowed walls, and can be as extreme as causing your home to collapse.

Here's how to identify and address the early signs of foundation water damage:


Cracks may appear on both the interior and exterior of a home and are a tell-tale sign of foundation water problems. On the exterior, a few hairline cracks aren't normally a concern. It is important to be aware of horizontal cracks and stair-step cracks in block walls or corners. This may indicate serious structural damage and you should consult a water damage professional like SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County. 

Standing water in a basement or crawlspace.

Water in a basement could be an indication of a plumbing issue, however it could also mean that there is water seeping in through cracks in the foundation or gutter runoff. Either way, they're both causing issues and should be addressed immediately. Seeping water is a perfect host for mold growth and can weaken wooden support structures.

Windows and doors are jamming.

Excess water absorption in a building can cause frames to warp, which means that there is probably a waterproofing problem. Excess outside moisture can also cause your entire foundation to shift, leading to much bigger issues that will need to be addresses.

Mold Patches or Rotting Wood

As we've stated before, mold needs two things to grow: a source of moisture and organic material. If you can't spot the mold with your eyes, you'll without a doubt be able to smell the distinct mildew scent. Mold remediation should be enacted as quickly as possible once you discover mold. Mold could result from a crack or opening in the foundation that's allowing water to seep in.

Flooded soil.

If your gutters or other drainage systems are not doing their job properly, it can cause water to redirect back to your foundation instead of away from your house. If you see pools of water around your home, the wet soil will increase the likelihood that water will penetrate the foundation of your home.

It is important to keep track of your preventative maintenance on your home. Most importantly, if you suspect you have foundation water damage the best thing you can do is call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County at 763-712-9712.

General Facts about Water Damage

4/12/2021 (Permalink)

home in Coon Rapids with water damage Over the past five years we have built a reputation as specialists in fire, smoke, soot and restoration of fire damaged homes.

No matter how hard you try, a water damage disaster is never 100% preventable. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County wants you to be as prepared as possible if a disaster takes place. Our expert technicians will walk you through every step along the way so that you are informed of everything going on in your home or commercial building.

5 Water Damage Facts

Minor existing leaks can lead to major problems.

Preventative maintenance may stop water damage accidents from occurring and if your plumbing is not properly maintained, your insurance may not cover the costs with general wear and tear. If you don't repair or keep an eye on your minor leaks, it may lead to extensive water damage.

Water contamination comes in three different types.

Set up by the IICRC, White water (category 1), Gray Water (category 2), and Black water (category 3) are the three varieties of water damage. 

White water comes from a sanitary source and poses no threat to people or animals.

Dirty water comes from places such as a washing machine or a dishwasher. There is some level on contamination within these machines that have the potential to harm animals or humans.

Black water is the most minacious of the categories because this category often results from flood water or sewage posing the largest threat to humans and animals.

Time is of the essence.

To no surprise, the longer that water is sitting in your home or commercial building, the more issues will arise. Water damage is extremely invasive and gives no care in the world about personal space. Seeping in the cracks and crevices, water that sits in one spot can damage drywall, mold and mildew may spread, and paint can blister. Call 763-712-9712 right away to address any issues you may have.

Once the standing water is gone, your problems aren't necessarily solved.

Moisture can hide within the walls, underneath floors, and hard to reach areas allowing the opportunity for mold to grow. Given the right circumstances, mold can grow as soon as 24-48 hours. It is pertinent that mold be taken care of right away as it can spread rapidly, causing an upward spike in your costs.

Different materials require different cleaning protocols.

Water damage can be tricky. Depending on the extent of the damage and the affected materials, not all items may be salvageable. Concrete and harder surfaces can normally be fixed whereas soaked drywall, ceiling tiles, and insulation may need to be tossed. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County has a restore vs. replace mentality to lower your overall costs.

For any of your water damage questions, comments, or concerns call us today at 763-712-9712. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County will make it "Like it never even happened." 

We Specialize in Flooded Basement Cleanup and Restoration!

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

water damage in basement This Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County home’s basement flooded due to heavy rains.

A basement can flood at any time, although flooding most often occurs during heavy rainfall. Basements are inherently prone to flooding because they are the lowest level of a building and are normally built partly or entirely below ground level. There are a number of reasons why your Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County basement could flood, including: 

  • A blocked or failed sewer lateral pipe
  • Heavy rain causes surface water to pool around your home
  • Storm sewer backup
  • Sanitary sewer backup
  • Foundation drainage failure
  • Water supply-line break or hot-water tank failure
  • And many more

Have Questions about Basement Flooding?

Call Today - 763-712-9712

If flood water is not handled quickly and properly, it can jeopardize your health and safety, and cause severe damage to your home’s structure. Remember, the longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

The bottom line: a flooded basement can jeopardize your health, safety, and your home’s integrity. It’s worth making a call to SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County and let our trained, professional crews handle the situation safely and correctly. We have earned the trust of hundreds of homeowners, business owners, and property professionals.

We are Flooded Basement Specialists:

  • We are Available 24 hours/7 days per week
  • We’re a Preferred Vendor to many National Insurance Companies
  • We Bill The Insurance Directly – One Less Thing For You To Worry About
  • Our Technicians are Highly-Trained  in Water Restoration Techniques
  • We use s500 IICRC Restoration Standards
  • Advanced Inspection and Extraction Equipment

Basement Flooded? Call Us Today – We’re Ready To Help 763-712-9712

Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

drying out ceiling using fan from water damage We provide 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help
Call Today - 763-712-9712

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO Professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Addressing Basement Flooding in Coon Rapids

11/12/2020 (Permalink)

Addressing Basement Seepage and Sump Pump Failure

There are many reasons why your Coon Rapids, Anoka, Columbia Heights or other Minneapolis-area basement might take on water. When it happens, it's vital to get the problem assessed and addressed right away to protect your home, your family and your health. Learn about damage from basement seepage and sump pump failure and how you can take care of the problem quickly with the right professional help.

Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are a vital piece of equipment in areas with high water tables. Unfortunately, they also tend to be powered by electricity, and bad storms can cause your power to go out. When that happens, sump pumps can back up, and the water can end up in your basement. Alternately, just like any mechanical or electrical equipment, the pumps eventually wear out as they get old. Either way, it's important to get the issue fixed to avoid bad flooding.

Basement Seepage

Basement seepage refers to water that comes in from areas that are supposed to keep it out. Two of the most common causes of basement seepage include backed-up drains and poor foundations. Most basements have a floor drain designed to move water away from the house. It can become clogged with dirt, with roots growing through the pipes or even by the pipes getting crushed or rusting out. Sometimes the drain can be cleared; other times it may need to be replaced.

In addition, foundations that are old or cracked can open holes or pores that allow water to seep through the wall into your basement. Repairing and sealing these issues can keep you dry, help to prevent mold and keep your house sturdy.

Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County

SERVPRO will respond faster to any disaster. If you've got flooding in your basement, we're ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to respond to your call and get the problem fixed. Call us at 763-712-9712 to get started today. 

Strategies For Water Damage In Anoka

3/18/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Successful Strategies for Hardwood Floor Water Damage in Anoka

Anoka boasts unique, historic homes along with high-quality residences of all recent eras. What many of these houses share is the warmth and beauty of hardwood floors. When a plumbing break or appliance malfunction sends water spreading across the polished expanse of your living or dining room floors, you need our well-trained and experienced crews to manage the recovery.

A Many Layered Issue
Water damage to your floors in Anoka is not something an assessor can quantify simply by looking closely. Hardwood floors always have at least two layers, the top a series of strips or planks installed over a subfloor typically made of plywood or particleboard. The decorative top layer might appear dry as water drains away, but that fluid did not disappear. It percolated into the underlayer, soaking the unfinished and porous materials. Our technicians use moisture detection and metering devices to outline the wet areas and collect data on how severe the saturation levels are.

Extraction Strategies
The first options SERVPRO technicians pursue include pumping and wanded extraction. Water deeper than two inches quickly clears with our submersible pumps, and our professional truck-mounted or portable extractors are powerful and highly-efficient versions of a wet vacuum.

Risky Business
SERVPRO changes techniques when the surface water is no longer visible because we know the risks of incomplete water removal:

    •    Cupping, crowning, or buckling of hardwood planks/strips as the wet subfloor provides moisture that wicks up

    •    Potential for mold growth

    •    Structural weakening of the supporting materials

    •    Negative Pressure for Positive Results

Removing the water from the subfloor often involves floor mats tightly sealed and connected to our extraction equipment through a series of hoses, using the negative air pressure generated to suction additional water. SERVPRO technicians monitor moisture levels, moving the mats as needed. When convinced the bulk of liquid water is gone, the focus shifts to structural drying. Air movers and heaters facilitate the evaporation of absorbed water. Dehumidifiers capture the vapor for disposal. To increase the efficiency of drying, we might use 1.6 mil polyethylene to tent areas or loosen selected planks/strips and direct warm air beneath.

Trust that SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County has the training and equipment to save your beloved hardwood floors from water loss. Call us at (763) 712-9712 to set up an evaluation.

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Signs Of Water Damage In Your Coon Rapids Home

2/22/2020 (Permalink)

water damage in home “Like it never even happened.”

Look for These Signs of Water Damage that can Affect Your Coon Rapids Home’s Interior

Plumbing lines provide each bathroom and the kitchen of your Coon Rapids home with running water. A break in any of these lines or in a drain line can create serious problems that require an immediate reaction. This often does not happen when leaks occur in hidden places, like within walls and under floors.

Affecting the softest materials of your home in Coon Rapids first, water damage progresses from almost undetectable to severe deterioration, with only a very few number of things escaping some level of harm. Because hidden leaks rarely receive the attention they need when they first start, damage in unseen locations can become quite bad.

When you notice changes in the ceilings and walls, this can signify previous problems or continuing ones. It may have been large amounts of water (perhaps a sink overflowed), or it could be a tiny leak or a loose drain if you see water stains. Water stains do not happen immediately, however, but show a water problem existed at least a few weeks prior to their appearance.

When you see a ceiling that is lower in one area, typically the very center, this can mean weight of trapped water is weighing it down. Gray water from a broken drain or clean from a loosened pipe can both cause ceilings to collapse if left in this condition.

Problems with your flooring, including carpets and hardwood, can also happen when water invades your living space. Repeated soaking and drying out can make carpets brittle and worn. Wooden floors can lose their finish and split or warp, which can become unsafe.

Rusted hinges, as well as windows and doors that no longer close and open normally, can also indicate water damage is happening inside your house. This type of water damage often affects the entire house and happens when the humidity levels remain higher than normal for long periods.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County can fix any of these situations for you and restore your home “Like it never even happened.” Upon seeing any signs of water damage, call (763) 712-9712 to reach experts who can mitigate the problem and keep it from creating more damage in your house.

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Water Damage In Your Coon Rapids Home

2/8/2020 (Permalink)

water damaged flooring Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for 24/7 service.

Water Inside The Walls Of Your Coon Rapids Home

A small water leak inside a wall can go unnoticed for several hours or even days. A pinhole leak in a water pipe can spray water for an extended period, soaking the insulation if it is on an outside wall and also the drywall. Vinyl wallpaper and semi-gloss or glossy paint can also act as a vapor barrier, hiding the moisture until it leaks out onto the floor.

SERVPRO provides water damage restoration services in Coon Rapids and surrounding areas. Our water mitigation professionals can detect all of the moisture areas inside your walls and floors. We can also find the source of the leak to assist a professional plumber in making repairs as required. If you suspect a leak inside a wall, consumers are urged to shut off the main water supply until repairs can be made.

Removing Water from Inside Walls
Leaking water pipes can soak the insulation on an outside wall and fill cavities with water. SERVPRO may need to cut small holes at the floor level to provide an escape for the water. We may need to remove baseboards to provide access to these areas, and specialized air movers are used to blow air inside the wall cavity.

Water may also fill areas between the finish on a wall and the wallboard. Bubbling occurs, creating a cavity on the wall that fills with water. The water cannot escape since the paint or vinyl wallpaper acts as a vapor barrier holding the water inside the bubble. SERVPRO technicians can cut slits at the lower end of the bubble area to allow the water to escape. Once the wallboard is dry, the paint or wallpaper can be glued in place, plastered, and the wall repainted if needed.

We use moisture meters to test all areas exposed to the water leak to confirm the exposed surfaces are dry before removing air movers and dehumidification equipment.

Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Coon Rapids, Anoka, and surrounding areas. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

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Why We Are The Leader In Andover Water Damage Restoration

12/23/2019 (Permalink)

Our air mover and LGR dehumidifier sitting in a kitchen drying up water damage Our air movers and powerful LGR dehumidifier, rapidly removed water damage from this kitchen and made it "Like it never even happened."

How to Best Deal With Water Cleanup in Andover

Plumbing mishaps can setback any household. They cause an interruption to your daily routine on top of being an extra expense. Without cleaning up after a water leak thoroughly, the homeowner may face secondary damage such as mold infestations or having to remove carpet from within the home. It is essential, even with non-contaminated water, to deal with it appropriately.

If you have to grapple with a water cleanup in your Andover home, then the trained professional at SERVPRO can help you. No matter the amount of water you are dealing with, we are available to assist you with the cleanup. Time is of the essence when it comes to water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

The most important part of cleaning up after a water leak is drying the affected areas. Restoring the humidity levels and removing all the excess moisture within the home means that there can be less to repair in the long run. Successful drying is comprised of four essential factors: proper extraction, humidity, temperature, and air movement. SERVPRO technicians extract water using a portable high powered extractor, while the other three elements work together to ensure proper drying.

When thinking about drying after a water leak, it is essential to understand that "wet goes to dry." Water vapors move from wet areas within the structure to drier materials, and damp air goes to more dehydrated materials. Likewise, dry air absorbs moisture from wet surfaces, and dry surfaces absorb moisture from damp air. To ensure the proper amount of dry air within the home, SERVPRO technicians place industrial-strength dehumidifiers around the structure that work in conjunction with air movers to dry impacted areas.

During the process, the SERVPRO team checks the temperature and relative humidity in the treatment area, inside an unaffected area, outside the home, and the air that is coming out of the dehumidifier. This is to ensure that relative humidity (RH) levels are brought down to below 60 percent and close to preloss condition. It is crucial to achieving equilibrium with moisture and humidity levels; over-drying can create other problems such as warping of wood flooring.

The team at SERVPRO understands drying and cleanup procedures while applying their knowledge to your specific home and situation. Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712. Our goal is to make it "Like it never even happened."

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Andover Homeowners Appreciate the Professional Planning by SERVPRO for Water Loss Restoration

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

pooling water on hardwood flooring and carpeted area of home Andover Water Damage, Fast SERVPRO Service--Means Great Mitigation--We Can Save Flooring Materials

Staging Areas Help Us Efficiently Dry Out Andover Homes

Completing and efficiently drying tasks is a focus of our SERVPRO team, and a driving force in the designed tactics and strategies we implement in Andover homes. After water loss incidents, the need for water removal is often urgent, as the faster this can get accomplished, the more of your home’s construction materials and contents that can get restored in-place. Drying these areas in your household prevents added costs of more significant losses, controlled demolition, and reinstallation of removed materials.

Because of how quickly actions must take place, such as water removal in Andover houses, having the full measure of necessary extraction and drying tools readily accessible saves time and effort for our technicians cleaning up the residence. The designation of a staging area is one that is close to the water-damaged region of your house, and one that minimizes the interruptions to your daily routine. Knowing that more than one extraction machine is often necessary for full water removal, having our inventory of these devices close by prevents wasted time with trips to the production vehicles outside.
This area is not only where we can keep our extraction tools like our submersible pumps and self-priming trash pumps, but also where we can prepare cleaning solutions made from concentrated cleaning agents. For this reason, we attempt to make our staging locations in places with faucets like laundry rooms, bathrooms, and other utility spaces.
Because of equipment being close and accessible to our SERVPRO technicians working in your home, we can more efficiently remove standing water from affected areas of your house. Electric sump pumps can help to draw indoor flooding down to 2 inches in depth continually. We can then quickly transition to light wands and wet-vacs for the remainder by switching out the equipment in the staging area.
Fast transitions save customers time and money on the restoration work that their property needs after water loss incidents. Our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team implements staging areas to maximize our efficiency. Give us a call anytime that you need us at (763) 712-9712.

How to Remove Water From Coon Rapids Homes

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Quickly removing water from hardwood floors is imperative to prevent damage. Call SERVPRO for fast water extraction.

Water Removal Methods and Actions For Coon Rapids Homes 

Despite the recent spring rains and other unusual weather, Coon Rapids residents know that the far higher risk to their homes is far more mundane and less noticeable. A leaking water tank or a split pipe can send hundreds of gallons across the kitchen, bathroom, or basement floors. Quickly getting it out can be the difference between a day of drying out a home versus days, or even a week, of restoring the soaked property and throwing out items too damaged for repair. 

For rapid water removal in Coon Rapids homes, SERVPRO response teams bring an extensive inventory of skills and equipment for the job. They can clear the water from many homes in a day and begin drying property almost as quickly. 

If the water inside is about ankle-high or more, technicians start with an industrial grade pump. Each one can rapidly remove water from any room. If it is in a basement, they increase the rate of speed and vacuum to rapidly clear the room so other team members can get in and remove property for drying or disposal. 

Once the water level is down to just above the surface, SERVPRO team members switch to extraction wands for carpets and wood floors. Operators can adjust the rates to avoid damaging carpet fibers or splintering floorboards. They can also carefully apply heat to speed up the drying process. For concrete floors or linoleum, technicians use long-handled squeegees to push the water off the surface and out the nearest exit. 

Regardless of which removal tool they use, the next step is to dry the floor thoroughly. For carpets, this means rolling them up and removing the pad underneath. Pads quickly deteriorate once soaked, so it is faster and cheaper to replace them instead of attempting restoration. Team members install air movers and fans to force warm, dry air over the surface while drawing off the damp air and directing it outside. Once completely dry, technicians install a new pad and then unroll the carpet. If it is still damp, they continue using the air movers and fans to dry it before stretching it back in place. 

They use the same method to dry the other types of floors. For wood floors, team members carefully monitor efforts to prevent cracking or splitting floorboards. 

At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County, every potential customer is also a neighbor, and we treat each home accordingly. Should you have unwanted water in your home, or a squishy carpet, call us today at (763) 712-9712 to schedule an inspection or a service visit.

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Your Anoka Home Can Be Restored By Our Water Damage Specialists

4/24/2019 (Permalink)

Give us a call right away by dialing (763) 712-9712, and we can get to you quickly to fix the issue and get your home dry and safe again.

Water Damage Restoration In Your Anoka Home

There is not much worse than going down the stairs in your Anoka home and stepping down onto a wet floor where you expected a dry floor. Thousands experience water damage in their homes, whether it was from an overflowing toilet, a broken water heater, or a busted pipe. A water damage emergency can cost you in more than one way, so preventing it is your best option. There are tools and tips you can take heed of to help you avoid a disaster.

When water damage has occurred in your Anoka home already, the help of a professional remediation company is needed to clean up the mess properly. SERVPRO staff is trained and equipped to handle these situations, are We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster.

The first thing you need to do during an emergency is to stop the flow of water. After you have found what is leaking, shut the water off to that appliance. If you are not sure, shut the water off to your entire home. You should then turn off the electricity at the fuse box. If you cannot get to it without wading in the water, stay out of the wet areas and call an electrician. Do what you can to document the damage for the insurance company.

Each water damage restoration job is different, so SERVPRO techs are careful when we enter each home to assess the damages. Some things we check for depending on the situation is looking at ceilings if affected to make sure they are not sagging. If they are, that means there is trapped water, and we need to punch weep holes to let it escape. We also make sure that light fixtures do not contain water. If they do, we do not turn them on.

Any other electrical hazards are checked for, and we look to see that electrical cords on our equipment are not damaged. We tape down cords or zip tie them together as we work so that no one trips over them. We check for any mold growth as we clean and restore your home as well.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County is available whenever you need us after a water damage emergency in your home in New Brighton, St. Paul, or Arden Hills. Give us a call right away by dialing (763) 712-9712, and we can get to you quickly to fix the issue and get your home dry and safe again.

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When Your Coon Rapids Home Suffers Water Damage, You Need To Contact Our Crew!

4/9/2019 (Permalink)

Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for expert assistance.

Floor Restoration During Water Cleanup For Coon Rapids residents

There are considerations to make when there is excess water in the home. The longer moisture is allowed to sit, the more significant damage it can cause; being absorbed into furnishings, fabrics or wall cavities. For a homeowner, these scenarios can result in much stress as well as time off work trying to remedy the situation. We offer an efficient service that can restore your home and let you get back to your everyday life.

The primary concern for water cleanup in Coon Rapids homes is flooring. Carpets can be up to 50% weaker when wet which makes it very easy for permanent damage to occur when they come into contact with moisture. Carpet padding, the material beneath the fabric of your carpet, breaks down quickly when wet and usually needs to be replaced. SERVPRO technicians can remove the carpet, dry the upper area and dispose of the carpet padding.

For homeowners with hard floors of concrete or tile, SERVPRO adopts a different approach. The most important part of ensuring a hard floor does not cause problems further down the line is measuring the level of moisture beneath the surface, known as the subfloor. A concrete floor, which is naturally porous, can be contaminated by microbes causing mold growth. We can remedy this effect by using vacuums fitted with HEPA filters in combination with an EPA-registered disinfectant; ensuring you avoid expensive secondary issues.

Wooden flooring can warp or buckle after prolonged exposure to moisture. SERVPRO offers a quick call out time to ensure damage can be limited before it requires replacement. Using drying mats which apply suction over a larger surface area can help to draw moisture from hardwood floors and significantly reduce the likelihood of replacement. We can also use Teflon moisture meters to measure the level of moisture absorbed by a wood accurately.

There are many considerations for the restoration of property with only one right answer. Contact SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 for expert assistance.

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When Snow Melts and Creates Water Damage, SERVPRO Will Be There to Help!

3/29/2019 (Permalink)

Spring is here and the snow has melted, causing an immense amount of water everywhere. Call our SERVPRO team for water restoration help.

Rely on the Professionals for End of Winter Water Removal in Coon Rapids

Snowfall records shattered over the past couple of months, and intense cold retained most of the snowpack in Coon Rapids. As the sun swings higher in the sky, days lengthen, and temperatures rise the meltwater might find its way into your home. When the ground is still frozen, and ice and snow buildup hugs your foundation, you can see early spring flooding into your basement or walkout living area.

An active approach to water removal in Coon Rapids is necessary when over two feet of snow melts rapidly and cannot be absorbed. Waiting for the water to exit on its own into the floor drains risks deterioration of many structural components and increases the possibility of mold growth. Trying to remove the icy water as a DIY project is unrealistic as household wet/dry vacs, mops, and buckets cannot get the water out fast enough.

SERVPRO’s team is ready to begin removing unwanted water immediately after we complete an assessment. Our service vehicles contain the pumps and wanded extractors needed to rid your home of standing water fast. Our IICRC-trained technicians use thermal scanning and moisture meters to locate any hidden water in cinder block cells or behind other structural components. The release of this water might need holes drilled in mortar joints, top-down extraction with extensions, or flood cuts for access.

Once we remove the majority of the water, the focus turns to structural drying. SERVPRO trucks roll out the air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers that pull moisture out of porous materials as vapor. That vapor is condensed or absorbed by evaporative or desiccant dehumidifiers to remove it permanently from your dwelling. Our employees gauge the achievement of drying goals by periodically measuring moisture levels, comparing them to normal readings in non-affected areas of the house.

Previously wet areas receive antimicrobial treatment with EPA-registered agents. SERVPRO takes this step to ensure the inhibition of potential mold growth.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County awaits your request for water removal assessment this spring. Call us at (763) 712-9712 to schedule an evaluation of your unique situation.

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Your Dishwasher Can Spell Big Water Damage Trouble For Your Andover Home

3/16/2019 (Permalink)

If your dishwasher ever breaks and leaks water, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712.

Water Damage Experts In Andover Talk About Issues With Dishwashers

Any house in Andover is at risk for plumbing failures since it is the most common type of residential insurance claim. If your plumbing system fails, you could be forced to seek help from a professional water damage restoration company such as SERVPRO. Plumbing system malfunctions can mean several things including leaks from faulty connections or cracks in water pipes. Moisture can also leak from appliances or the pipes leading to them. For example, if the connection between your dishwasher and the pipe running to hit fails, then moisture can spray out causing you extensive water damage.

Your dishwasher has both clean water and wastewater running from it giving it two different sources that could malfunction. If pipes running to your dishwasher break or moisture spills out from the appliance itself, it is likely that water damage in your Andover residence takes place. Since most dishwashers sit inside your kitchen cabinets, moistures leaking out from the machines can cause several issues to your kitchen's building materials. If your cabinets get saturated, mold growth can become a problem. The flooring underneath your dishwasher can also get wet which can cause structural integrity issues.

Depending on which type of water spills out of your appliance, our SERVPRO technicians can use different techniques. If the source is clean water, it is likely that most building materials can get dried out without having to remove and replace items. However, if the moisture leaking from your dishwasher comes from the machine's drain, then the water could be contaminated. When this happens, many materials could get removed and replaced. If the subfloor underneath the dishwasher gets wet by grey water sources, then it is necessary to dry out the wooden materials inside the dishwasher's cavity.

After all of the wooden materials get dried out, we spray the affected items with specialized sealant paint. Any other objects that came into contact with grey water get cleaned with antibacterial chemicals. If your dishwasher ever breaks and leaks water, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712.

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We Can Restore Your Home In Anoka To Pre-Damage Condition After A Water Damage Disaster

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

If you have recently dealt with flooding inside your home, no matter how small, call us today!

Drying Anoka Homes After Water Damage

For Anoka residents, a little flooding is a regular event. What many owners do not realize is the broken pipe under the bathroom sink, or the broken pressure release valve on the water heater can be just as costly to a homeowner as any other type of water disaster.

Stopping water damage in Anoka homes means eliminating the moisture trapped inside the structural property. SERVPRO technicians draw devices from an extensive equipment inventory to remove water absorbed into the walls.

Drywall panels can quickly absorb even water that rose up to only an inch or two. If the trapped water remains for too long, affected panels can crumble in place, forcing an expensive removal and replacement of them. To stop this, technicians set up air movers. These devices use warm, dry air to push moisture out of the panels and into the air. To maximize the effect, they can angle the direction of the airflow to force moisture into the air, even directing it towards ceilings if the water came from a leaking, upstairs pipe.

To trap and remove the water out of the air, SERVPRO specialists setup dehumidifiers with the air movers. Depending on the humidity level, or amount of moisture in the air, each machine can remove over 20 gallons of water every 24 hours. Lowering the humidity level also increases evaporation, which helps the air mover function more efficiently.

If there is water trapped in the wall space behind the drywall, technicians remove the floor trim and carefully drill holes into the drywall behind it. After allowing water to drain, they attach a hose to an air mover and force dry air into the wall space to dry it without needing to demolish panels and replace them.

Drying a home is not a quick or inexpensive process. At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County, however, we work quickly to return every home to its owner in a timely and cost-efficient manner. If you have recently dealt with flooding inside your home, no matter how small, call us today at (763) 712-9712. We are here for you.

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Water Damage Problems in Columbia Heights?

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

From Drying Carpets to Full House Water Damage Restoration in Columbia Heights--Call SERVPRO

No Problem, Call SERVPRO for Fast Water Cleanup and Recovery

Basics on water damage
Water damage is the unwelcome guest that affects many buildings in Columbia Heights, at times unbeknownst by the occupants. Most of the times, owners of a building and those living in it expect water damage to be in the form of flooding, which is not always the case. At times, even minor leaks from a bath waste pipe may lead to gradual water damage which may mostly affect the floor. You may think that your house is safe, but it is okay to have it regularly inspected since the effects of the damage could be more troublesome to deal with as compared to the checkups.
Causes of water damage
Before we check your home for water damage in Columbia Heights, it is more important to know what the potential causes of water damage are so that you can identify any signs early enough. Some of the primary reasons for water damage include:
1. Leakages from bath plumbing
2. Bursting or leaking of flex hoses
3. Leakage from your AC condensation line
4. Dishwasher and washing machines malfunctions

There are also other less frequent causes of water damage which are, among others, leaking toilets, sink overflows, leaking main pipes, and burst fish tanks. If you happen to suspect any case of water damage, you might want to check for any of the principal causes to be sure. However, if you’ve started noticing significant signs such as a warped floor, sagging ceiling, or peeling paint you have to call SERVPRO professionals as soon as you can.
Water damage effects
When unresolved, the effects of water damage can vary, with property destruction being the simplest form. Things like rugs, carpets, furniture, and others might be damaged if the floor has been damp for some time. In more severe cases, mold can surface, which can lead to health effects. In any case, SERVPRO experts advise that whether the damage has been undetected for some time or has just been discovered, calling us would be the best decision so we can rectify the issue early enough. Our team of IICRC professionals can respond immediately to your emergency, in addition to using advanced water damage restoration techniques and equipment.
Seek us
As SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka county, we value our customers and can respond fast. We serve with dedication and purpose aiming to get you and your family back to the life you have been accustomed to quickly and efficiently. All you need to do is dial (763) 712-9712, and from there, we can relieve you of the burden.

Rediscovery the Heights by clicking

How Water Damage Could Affect Your Andover Home After A Fire

6/5/2018 (Permalink)

Firefighting efforts can allow water damage to spill into unaffected areas.

Fire damage often leaves behind water damage due to firefighting efforts

Once the fire in your Andover home has gotten successfully extinguished, you start to assess on your own the full extent of the damage that your home faces. While you assuredly notice much of the direct effects of the fire, there are secondary damages that also have to get restored to return your home to preloss condition. A great example of this would be the water damage that is often left behind after extinguishment completes.

With all of the fire damages that you have seen after the blaze was snuffed out in your Andover residence, you have likely already gotten instructed by your insurance company to seek the aid of a professional restoration company to assist you in overcoming these effects and fully restoring your property. Our SERVPRO professionals are a top choice because of our extensive training in fire restoration tactics, employment of modern approaches, and we have the latest equipment to get the job done correctly.

Once the firefighters have successfully put out the flames, it is time for our SERVPRO team to get to work on assessing the damages that you face. While smoke and soot might be typical to these occurrences, more immediate threats like the water damage, have to get addressed first.

If the water pools in areas, extraction is a requirement. Often this gets accomplished through the use of wet-vacs. Ultimately we work to avoid having to remove components that can get salvaged, and thoroughly drying the affected areas can help to determine what, if any, of the materials need to get removed and replaced.

While there are plenty of effects that you likely experience from a fire in your home, our professionals can help you to overcome these hurdles and restore your home back to preloss conditions. Trust our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County fire restoration specialists to restore your home and help you to move on from this disaster. Give us a call 24/7 at (763) 712-9712.

Maps for the city of Andover are available here.

Water Removal Professionals in Andover Are the Answer

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Many Andover Homes Suffered Water Damage After These Appliances Failed--Call SERVPRO for Water Removal and Restoration

SERVPRO Helps Many Andover Homeowners with Water Extraction and Cleanups

Whenever water gets into your Andover home, there are a few sources that can cause the leak. Houses only have a handful of places where water flows. Broken water pipes and defective appliances are everyday situations that can cause water damage. Other sources of unwanted moisture include natural disasters and structural failures.
The most common causes of unwanted water inside a building are pipes breaking and appliances malfunctioning. Many times when water removal occurs in Andover the water heater springs a leak or the washing machine hose rips open. When temperatures drop during the winter time, pipes are prone to freeze and burst.
Many of these situations may not sound horrible, but they can cause much damage to a building's structure. A broken water pipe has the potential of pumping over 160 gallons of water per hour into your house. If you and your family happen to be on vacation, then the burst pipe could spew thousands of gallons of water into your home.
Excessive amounts of water entering the interior of your house can cause much damage. Moisture can ruin structural components of a building if they get saturated. Burst pipes inside wall cavities are particularly troublesome, requiring demolition and reconstructions. If organic materials inside the structure stay wet for too long fungi can develop.
When mitigating water damage problems, it is essential to determine the source of the moisture. Our SERVPRO restoration specialists trace the evidence of moisture back to its origin when it is not apparent. The mitigation procedures vary based on what exactly caused the damage and the severity of the harm.
Most problems with water can be classified into three categories. The different categories describe how contaminated the water can be with harmful pathogens based on the source. The types of damage get grouped by a color based system with "white" water being clean, fresh water, "gray" being potable water that has detergents or has been exposed for a day, and "black" water being sewage and a host of chemicals and debris.
Once the type of water damage gets determined, the work plan is laid out to mitigate the specific issues. The cleaner the water is the more easily it is dried out without removing materials. When water is contaminated, more items inside the home get discarded. For professional help with various types of water-related problems, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 any day of the week.

Information about this town by clicking here.

Water Removal Techniques in Andover

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

If your washing machine has dumped gallons of water onto your floor, contact SERVPRO immediately for dry out services and to reduce secondary damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Quickly Evaluate the Situation and Then Use the Most Efficient Tools to Dry Out Your Water Damaged Property

If an appliance ever malfunctions inside your home, extracting the water as soon as possible can save damage to materials. If moisture stays on contents or materials for too long, they can lose their structural integrity. If organic materials inside the house stay wet for more than 48 hours mold growth can take place.
After an incident, moisture problems inside a building can be eliminated through extraction and drying. SERVPRO's water removal team in Andover has access to a large variety of industrial equipment to make sure moisture levels drop quickly. When a home first gets affected, our crew extracts as much water out of the building as they can, then they set up equipment to dry out the moisture the rest of the way.
When beginning the extraction process, we first inspect the home and look for any standing water. If there is an area that has more than two inches of visible water then we start extracting with a submersible or sump pump. The sump pump gets placed into the water and pulls it out of the building into a sewer drain.
After the sump pumps remove all of the deep standing water, we use our specialized extraction system to get the remaining water. Most extraction systems consist of an extractor that has a vacuum motor and a wastewater storage tank. A hose then gets ran from the extractor to an extraction tool that gets used to suck water up out of different types of materials.
Depending on the scenario our team uses either a truck-mounted or portable extractor. If the affected area is in a tight spot, then we bring the portable extractor into the house. In most other situations, we use our truck mounted extractor and run a vacuum hose from the truck into the structure.
The extraction tool that comes into contact with the wet materials can be changed when extracting different materials. There is a specific tool used to extract water from hard surface floors and different ones for carpet and upholstery. For furniture, a smaller handheld extraction wand often gets utilized.
When extracting water from carpet, a large, weighted extraction tool can be used to compress the carpet, thus removing more water. For help with extraction after a water damage problem call, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712 any day of the week.

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Appliances that Cause Flood Damage to Your Anoka Residence

4/15/2018 (Permalink)

Flooding, whether from outside or inside sources, can leave your home under many inches of water. Contact SERVPRO to dry out the water and remediate.

SERVPRO Technicians Remediate Flood Damages Regardless of the Cause

Once an appliance springs a leak in your Anoka residence, you need to act fast. Shutting off the water supply to the appliance, or that section of your home can save you thousands of dollars in damages later. Your next step needs to address the water that threatens to flood your home.
SERVPRO helps residents when faced with flood damage in Anoka, including flooding by appliances. All may seem well when you return home from shopping or work, only to find that your washer overflowed or slipped a hose. If the latter occurs, it might occur even when you were not using the machine to wash clothes.
We can help you by quickly removing the water and starting the procedures involved in drying out your home. Extraction machines and pumps can remove enormous amounts of water, but still leave your home in a damp condition. We remove the moisture behind this, and leave your home dry again, "Like it never even happened." We know that this needs to happen to protect your home from the effects of water, including microbial activity.
We use different machines to dry out a home, including air movers. For areas that remain enclosed due to the architecture of your home, as well as under floorboards and in between walls, we use a system that injects air into these locations. Forcing dry air into these spots and then allowing it to exit carries out substantial amounts of moisture that would otherwise cause problems. Our moisture reading equipment can detect how much humidity remains in the air as it exits, allowing us to know how dry an area becomes.
Heat also plays a role in drying out a home, but this also must remain controlled. Too high of a heat can also cause problems with the final results, and lead to problems with wood and trim becoming too brittle. We understand these details and can answer your questions pertaining to your home if you desire more information. We know that your home is essential to you and we want to make sure that you remain a partner in its restoration.
SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County wants to put our employees' IICRC certificates to good use, and helping homeowners with disasters such as flood damage is the perfect way to accomplish this. We can always be reached at (763) 712-9712, regardless of the hour or day of the year.

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Failure of Appliances Could Lead to Water Removal in Your Andover Home

3/18/2018 (Permalink)

If you experience a water emergency in your home, call on SERVPRO, we can properly dry out and restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Call SERPVRO as Soon as Possible to Remove Water Fast and Minimize Damages

Water emergencies to your Andover home come in all shapes and sizes. In fact, with so many different ways that water disasters can occur, it seems reasonable that you should already have thoroughly considered a suitable restoration company that you intend to call in such circumstances. Perhaps one of the most typical culprits in these situations is faulty and malfunctioning appliances.

While it is always advisable to do routine maintenance on all of the appliances that you have in your home from washing machines to water heaters, sometimes an annual check-up of sorts is not sufficient to negate the possibility. When an appliance directly connected to the plumbing in your home breaks down or falls apart, this water source could continue to feed the appliance fresh water (that ultimately ends up on the floor) that continues until the source of the supply has been shut down. Even with shutting this down promptly, you are still likely facing a need for water removal services for your Andover residence.

Naturally, when you call our SERVPRO professionals, our priority is preserving your home from further damage immediately. To prevent more problems from compounding, we seek out the valve connected to the water source and shut it down if it has not been already. This action ensures that more water cannot make its way to the affected area of your home through the malfunctioning appliance.

Extraction is a critical component to the restoration and water removal process, and it combines several pieces of equipment. For higher volumes of water, our SERVPRO technicians could employ a truck-mounted pump, though most often it is a combination of portable pumps with extraction wands and wet-vacuums. Drying the area is also a critical component of our restoration process, and this also combines several different pieces of our equipment, which may include tools like drying mats, air movers and large dehumidifiers.

When your home requires water removal services, time is of the essence to prevent structural concerns and irreparable damage to the contents of your home. Trust our SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County team to help you set things right quickly and reclaim your water damaged home. You can reach our emergency response team anytime at (763) 712-9712.

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Water Damage Repair For Drywall In Your Hamm Lake Basement

10/19/2017 (Permalink)

When your basement floods, it can cause a massive problem to the drywall there.

Water Damage Repair

Drywall is a part of your daily life in Hamm Lake, but you never stop to think about it unless you must. When your basement floods, it can cause a massive problem to the drywall there. Even though drywall is very sturdy, when it has been exposed to water for too long, it can get damaged. It loses its structural integrity, becoming weak and soft. Depending on how wet it got, you might be able to save it, but speed is critical to avoiding mold damage as well.

The best thing to do first when you have water damage to your drywall in your Hamm Lake basement is to get a hold of the professionals at SERVPRO. Our trained technicians have professional and industrial tools which can get your home dried out and back to its usual condition quickly.

When we arrive, we first check your drywall for moisture. We do this by using a non-penetrating moisture meter or by removing the baseboards and poking small holes. If the drywall is soft, it has gotten wet. We need to check the interior of the wall as well. We do this with a penetrating moisture meter or making a larger hole to search for moisture on the studs. If there is insulation present, it is critical for us to check it for moisture content as well, especially if it is cellulose or fiberglass.

Wet walls and insulation hold moisture for quite a while, which means that mold clusters can start forming inside the wall. If your drywall has started molding, we need to replace all or part of it. You do not want mold to continue growing in your home, as it can create a health risk for you and your family.

SERVPRO technicians have the training to remove the mold and clean and sanitize your home afterward. We can find any mold that is hiding inside your walls and prevents it from spreading even further throughout your home.

Trusting in SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to take care of your wet drywall is the right step to take. Anyone experiencing this problem in the areas of Oak Park, Coon Rapids, or Hamm Lake can get a hold of us at (763) 712-9712.

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Water Removal in Andover for Home Appliance Leakages

8/4/2017 (Permalink)

Don't let a leaking water heater cause permanent damage in your home. Contact SERVPRO for drying out and remediation efforts.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Have Extensive Experience With How Different Types of Flooring Handles Water Damage and How Best to Remediate the Damage

Home appliances such as water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers have become a necessity in modern life. They make mundane tasks like doing laundry and washing utensils look more enjoyable while saving us time in the process. The bad news is that a leakage from one of these appliances can lead to excess water flowing all over the floor. It can occur unexpectedly, causing damage to your tiles, carpets, and nearby upholstery.
If this happens, you need to contact SERVPRO immediately for water removal services in your Andover home. We are part of your community and can respond quickly to your water damage situation. Our technicians are highly trained according to IICRC standards and have access to specialized equipment for every emergency.
After establishing a favorable environment for drying, our professionals use extractors to remove water from the floor and clean carpets and upholstery. The extractors can be portable or truck-mounted. The former is suitable for accessing restricted areas, but the latter is more efficient for both restorative cleaning and water removal.
SERVPRO technicians understand that aggressive water removal can lead to carpet delamination. Carpet becomes about 50 percent weaker when wet, so we use a heavy device to squeeze water out of the material. However, the first extraction is done using a wand to stop water migration.
If standing water from the leakage is above 2 inches from the floor, we use a submersible pump with sufficient volume capacity and lift capability to pump it directly into a treated sewer (ordinarily a toilet). This step is only applicable if the water does not contain any solid contaminants.
Asphalt tile usually maintains a good bond with concrete after water damage. It may develop white areas when the finish or sealer wax is separated from the floor, but these are easy to clean up. On the other hand, vinyl tile on concrete is more vulnerable and may come out in the presence of excessive water. In this case, replacing it is less expensive than drying.
There is no reason to panic when your washing machine or dishwasher develops an unexpected leak. You can count on SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to repair the water damage. Contact us today at (763) 712-9712.

For more information about the City of Andover, Minnesota visit:

Four Key Factors That Affect Air Moisture Content In Andover

7/13/2017 (Permalink)

Restoring your home after suffering water damage is not a quick or simple process.

What Methods SERVPRO Uses To Return Your Home To Pre-Damage Condition

There is a mistaken belief that removing standing water is all that needs to be done to restore a home after a flooding incident. Each home requires more steps involving additional workers and equipment.

To restore an Andover home after water damage means carefully drying the structure after removing standing water and moisture that was trapped in the floors and behind walls. SERVPRO understands that four key factors affect air moisture content and determine which methods we use to return a home to an undamaged condition.

The ideal range to dry a home is from 70 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. If the HVAC is not operative, our technicians set-up portable space heaters to raise the temperature in the damaged areas. We make certain that the temperature on the first day is no higher than 80 degrees to avoid accidentally raising the air moisture content level rather than lowering it.

The humidity level is based on the actual amount of water vapor as opposed to its total capacity. Any level that is 60 percent or higher means the air is saturated which increases the drying time. To reduce the humidity level, work crews establish dehumidifiers in the affected rooms and hallways. In most cases, we can reduce the humidity level by at least 20 percent in a 24-hour period.

Dehumidifiers also help to speed up the drying process throughout a home. Once technicians reduce the standing water to under two inches, evaporation greatly increases. To increase this pace, technicians examine the speed of the flood waters and then determine which areas were under water the longest amount of time. Knowing this allows us to place dehumidifiers, air movers, and exhaust fans in the key sectors of the home that need attention as soon as possible.

Air Movement
We use the same exhaust fans and air movers to force cooler air out of an affected room and replace it with a dry, warmer air from the outside. This technique is also useful in drying out personal and structural property by forcing warm air over the surfaces to draw out excess moisture.

Restoring your home after suffering water damage is not a quick or simple process. It is not enough to turn over the sofa and set it outside on the deck to dry the legs and skirt; you need a professional service to ensure your home is properly restored to its original state. To get the process started, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County today at (763) 712-9712. We are here to help you and our community recover from water or any other disaster.

To learn more about the city of Andover click here.

Water Damage Inside Your Andover Home's Walls

5/23/2017 (Permalink)

When your home suffers from water damage, not only are your floors affected, but usually, the walls are as well.

Water Damage Inside Your Walls

When your home suffers from water damage, not only are your floors affected, but usually, the walls are as well. The damage can be obvious, but many times it is hidden and can be missed to the untrained eye.

Therefore, you need to call professionals such as SERVPRO to inspect your Andover home after any water damage has occurred. The first steps our technicians at SERVPRO need to take is to figure out how much damage you have. Water which enters at ground level covers the floor and floor covering, then starts to wick up the wall. How much wicking occurs depends upon the construction of the wall, how much water there is, and its height on the wall.

An absorbent material, drywall is constructed of a gypsum core and paper which is like cardboard on either side. The water is likely on both sides and many times higher on the inside from restricted evaporation. Water is sometimes visible, but other times the wall shows no signs of moisture.

At SERVPRO, we have a broad range of professional metering equipment so we can evaluate the damage. A non-invasive moisture meter uses radio waves to test for the presence of water. Another instrument is the infrared camera. The camera can find water in walls since evaporation from wet walls makes them cooler than dry ones.

After the wet walls are found, drying equipment is brought in. Without the presence of insulation, walls can be dried without removing the baseboard and without holes. We use high capacity air movers along each wall, reducing the water molecules from the wall surface and letting more evaporation happen as soon as possible.

Our techs also use one or more dehumidifiers in your home. Such machines lower the humidity levels to help with drying and to prevent mold from growing. When needed, we can install an inner-wall drying system, using small holes over the sill plate and forcing air into the cavity of the wall. Studies have shown this is the fastest way to dry walls that have been damaged by water.

Regardless of where the water came from, call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County right away so we can mitigate your loss. You can reach us anytime at you need at (763) 712-9712.

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Taking The Proper Precautions To Prevent Water Damage In Your Andover Home

5/9/2017 (Permalink)

Water Pipes That Burst Cause Damage to Andover Homes, Call SERVPRO for Restoration

Andover Properties Need Preventative Measures to Mitigate Damage Caused by Water

Homeowners everywhere struggle with a variety of issues concerning water damage on their property. Some implement the precautions necessary to help avoid these problems, make a majority of required repairs, and install upgrades needed to combat these issues.  
However, even with some of you taking charge, many Andover homes remain susceptible to water damage that occurs quite frequently. Presenting us with an opportunity to discuss a variety of issues that excessive moisture can cause and a variety of ways you can implement solutions to save your family from experiencing a significant amount of loss.
SERVPRO technicians respond to emergency issues daily. These are not the only issues you can have, nor are they the most damaging. However, they happen far more often than say, natural disasters like tornadoes, or torrential rainstorms. So, having them on our list gives you the heads up you deserve to combat these issues accordingly.
Water main issues caused by aging pipes or damaged supply lines lead to drainage issues. Broken pipes feed lines pose risks that you can prevent by having a professional technician, like those offered at SERVPRO, inspect your property for possible maintenance issues.  
You can get the help you need to make the repairs necessary to correct many problems that involve your plumbing, like overflows, damaged fixtures, and accidents caused by misuse. SERVPRO can help you decide how to protect your home and your family, taking the proper precautions to enjoy a safe, healthy home environment.  
Sewer and drainage problems exist in every home. We deal with clogged pipes, damaged drainage systems, tree growth and grading issues quickly and efficiently. We strive on returning your damaged home to a quality condition, “Like it never even happened.”
There is a quick, simple solution to the majority of problems you face. However, unless you take the incentive to contact your local restoration company, you may never know how to prevent large-scale water intrusions or accidents from occurring on your property.
Make a call to SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County to receive the response and service you deserve to get back on your feet the right way. We are here to help, call today. (763) 712-9712

5 Simples Steps That Help You Avoid Expensive Water Damage Disasters In Your Oak Park Home

3/25/2017 (Permalink)

Frozen Pipes and Ice Dams Cause Water Damage in Oak Park Homes

Preparation and Maintenance Can Mitigate or Prevent Water Damage

Waiting until you face considerable expenses may cause even bigger issues that a majority of homeowners could prevent. Take advantage of the information available to you and help avoid common causes of water damage that could develop in your home.
If someone told you that taking a few simple precautions would help you avoid extensive water damage in your Oak Park area home, would you ignore it? Of course, not, every homeowner wants to protect life's biggest investment. So, why not get ahead of the curve and stop waiting until the last moment to do something?
At SERVPRO, we like to share information. We also want to help you prevent as much damage as possible and prepare your home for the worst possible circumstances. However, this is a team effort, without homeowners taking responsibility themselves, we cannot be as successful as we would like to be.
SERVPRO technicians would like for you to keep this in mind and follow these simple steps to prevent common issues:
Step 1: During winter months when the weather is the coldest, make sure to drain, disconnect, and store outdoor water hoses. Stored water can produce ice-blocks that extend into your pipes, causing indoor pipes to burst, creating damages on the interior of your home.

Step 2: Twice every year take a look at gutters and downspouts. Clogged gutters produce ice-dams, overflows, and other issues that allow water to access unprotected areas of your home.

Step 3: Make sure that any trees or shrubbery on your property stays clear of drainage or plumbing in your yard. Roots can become a severe problem, wrapping around and even penetrating drainage system pipes.

Step 4: Have a certified company, like SERVPRO, inspect your property to determine if you have the proper drainage and runoff to handle water flow in your area. With the proper grading and drainage systems such as backflow valves and sump pumps installed, flooding remains minimal.

Step 5: On the interior of your home, start with checking all of your appliances. Water supply lines for washing machines, dishwashers, and even ice makers need replacement at some point. Ignoring them causes bigger issues to develop. Check seals and drainage hoses for cracks and wear and tear.
Already found a leak? Do not hesitate to call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County; we can help locate the source, perform repairs, and restore your home to a quality pre-damage condition in a quick, efficient manner today. (763) 712-9712

Water Removal Is A Crucial Part Of The Water Damage Restoration Process

10/18/2016 (Permalink)

Standing water can cause significant damage to your property.

Call SERVPRO for Water Removal

What should be done if you discover your home flooded for one reason or another and you have water standing everywhere? Obviously, the water has to be removed, but the bigger question that you will have to answer is how you can do that effectively without leaving lasting effects of the flooding for years to come. You need to have the water removed and the damage restored as quickly as possible.

Water Removal Is a Key Component of the Restoration Process
If you live in Oak Park and are in need of water removal, there are many things that are probably going through your mind. Unfortunately, it isn't enough to simply remove the water to the best of your ability and then put everything back where it was prior to the incident. When you call us at SERVPRO, you can rely on our technicians to do a thorough inspection of the property to determine whether or not it is truly restored. Your first step is to contact us so we can remove the water that is present. Once that step has been completed, we work diligently to dry the entire affected area and then sanitize everything so that you don't have to worry about any type of bacteria growing. Remember, water damage can occur from a lot of different sources. Even if the problem looks relatively small, you still have the same potential hazards to deal with that you would if your home was completely flooded. That is why it is so important that you call us at SERVPRO right away.

Call Someone You Can Trust
You don’t have to let standing water destroy the things that matter most to you. More importantly, you don’t have to try to handle the problem yourself. Contact us at SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County 24/7 by dialing (763) 712-9712.

In The Fridley Area: Call Us For Water Removal Damage

5/25/2016 (Permalink)

Water damage to your Fridley property can be devastating.

Call SERVPRO For Water Removal Damage in Fridley

The extraction of standing water in Fridley involves its removal, including removing moisture from a water damaged area. This process requires a number of innovative style equipment, trained technicians, and experience. The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (“IICRC”) designs industry programs for all types of water extraction systems. IICRC ensures that restoration companies are well trained in all aspects of water removal.

Removing water requires knowing the type of surface involved. When water damage occurs at a home due to a faulty washing machine or a burst pipe, people believe that they can clean it up themselves. However, what they can't see until later, is that their drywall begins to buckle, floors start cupping, or even worse, there is a smell of mildew. Our Fridley water damage technicians can use moisture readers to identify hidden spots and dry them out.

When a flood causes water damage, there are a couple of concerns. First, the structural integrity of your property is crucial. For instance, if a multi-tiered home has damage from standing water on upper floors, water can cause the floor to collapse down onto the levels below. For walls, it's 2 x 4's which support its frame can decay, causing the walls to sag and lose their ability to provide support. The second concern is the growth of toxic mold. This contaminant can begin growing within 24 hours to 10 days at temperatures, 77 to 86 °F (25 to 30 °C), although growth can occur between 32 and 95 °F (0 and 35 °C).

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County water remediation technicians, use advanced inspection and extraction equipment. Water removal is not always the same in every water damage event. However, the ending for our customers is full restoration. We are a locally owned and operated business. We are proud to be an active member of the Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County community. We are also proud to serve our local Minnesota communities: Andover, Blaine, and St. Paul. When an emergency occurs, we are nearby and ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call us today at (763) 712-9712.

St. Paul Water Damage--What to Do and Who to Call

5/3/2016 (Permalink)

Don't Be a Drip. Call SERVPRO to Help with Water Problems in St. Paul

SERVPRO Can Arrive Promptly to Address Your St. Paul Water Damage Issues

When water damage happens to you in St. Paul, there are steps you can take right away to reduce permanent damage and further costs. Water damage can slowly or quickly erode property and objects. This is especially true if your response is delayed more than 48 hours.

Steps to Take when you Detect Water Damage
As soon as you notice flood or water damage you can take action that can reduce further damage and begin the process of restoration. Remember to be calm so that you can clearly think about what you need to do to help remedy the situation.

1. Call a water damage restoration professional. They should respond quickly to your water damage needs in St. Paul. SERVPRO calls back within the hour and will arrive for assessment and help within 4 hours under normal conditions.
2. Turn off the main water valve and shut down any water source to stop continuous flooding from occurring. Stopping the water as soon as you can reduces damages and clean-up costs.
3. Turn off the electrical breaker in all areas that have been damaged by water or flooding. Do this before you attempt to unplug any devices. You do not want to be electrocuted or shocked badly.
4. Use foil under furniture legs to prevent permanent water staining in those carpeted areas.
5. Remove all curtains or tapestries out of the water if possible.
6. Lift up and put up any skirts around beds or sofas. This prevents water damage by way of wicking up into the furniture proper.
7. Remove any papers, shoes, plants, or other items that can stain the carpet or floor by remaining in the water.

What to Avoid Doing if you have Water Damage in St. Paul
Do not use your vacuum. This can cause you electrical shock or damage to your equipment. Don't put newspaper down in high traffic areas. This can cause ink to run onto carpet fibers. This can permanently stain your carpets. Avoid walking on any carpet or flooring more than necessary. This keeps damage from being spread to other areas in your home. When all of that is complete, simply wait for the water damage restoration expert from SERVPRO to arrive at your St. Paul residence. Chances are, they came already and did much of the above work quickly. The trained technicians have the tools, equipment, and expertise to do the job safely and efficiently. Whether a wet-vac, buckets, and mops, are the equipment of choice for your job, or sump pumps, and truck-mounted heavy duty pumps, rapid water removal salvages more personal property and also saves you money.

If you need water damage restoration in St. Paul, Call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County at (763) 712-9712. With 24/7 emergency service, you can trust this leading company to restore your home "Like it never even happened."

Water Damage In Blaine - Reasons to Call in the Pros

4/30/2016 (Permalink)

This Blaine House Could Use Water Extraction from SERVPRO

SERVPRO Fixes All Water Damage Related Problems in Blaine

When your property in Blaine is affected by water damage, the essential thing to do is to resolve the water issue fast. Failing to deal with the water intrusion issues can result in secondary water damage in the form of a mold infestation and structural damage. Although most people want to complete the water damage restoration process alone, hiring a professional has a high success rate. Take a look at some of the benefits of letting an expert like SERVPRO restore your home. 

To Avoid Further Damage – After your property gets flooded, time is an essential factor as it only takes a short period before building materials degrade, furnishings become water stained, and mold grows. It is, therefore, necessary to begin the restoration process as soon as you can. A reputable company like SERVPRO can offer their services promptly to handle your problem.

Safety First – When you hire experts like us for your Blaine water damage and restoration needs, you do not do any work. As a result, you stay out of harm’s way since flood waters are infamous for containing bacteria, pathogens, chemicals, debris, and other dirt.

For a Fast Process – Our water damage restoration company has specialists who know what they are doing. We also have adequate knowledge, skills, and equipment to restore your home quickly so that you can move back fast.

To Guarantee Total Clean-up – Attempting to do all the restoration work alone is often a disaster waiting to happen. Since you are less likely to have the appropriate tools or skills, it is easy to mess up. Such a mishap can end up being more expensive in the long run.

Use Of Specialized Equipment – Our skilled technicians have access to a wide range of specific equipment useful in optimizing and expediting the clean-up and repair process. This equipment helps ensure we finish the job skillfully and speedily. Most homeowner garages do not stock water pumps, air movers, dehumidifiers, ozone machines, foggers, and industry leading cleaning agents.

Hidden Damage – It is not always easy to spot water damage. Moisture can be trapped and absorbed into walls and sub floors, in drywall, and below your carpet. Water damage professionals from SERVPRO, with intense in-house and corporate training, and IICRC-certifications, are aware of this and can utilize infrared cameras and hygrometers to discover moisture problem areas.

Allowing professionals to resolve your water damage issues in Blaine is a prudent means of restoring your home to its pre-loss condition. "Like it never even happened." Whether in Circle Pines, Blaine or Andover call SERVPRO of Coon Rapids / Central Anoka County 24/7 via (763) 712-9712 and let the experts help.

How To Handle Coon Rapids Water Damage To Your Residential Property?

1/20/2016 (Permalink)

Water Damage from a Burst Frozen Pipe Can Be Restored by SERVPRO

SERVPRO Handles Restoration to a Coon Rapids Water Damaged Home

In the event that Coon Rapids water damage strikes your residential property, acting immediately is important. Whether the water damage resulted from roof issues, flooding, or a plumbing complication, you must eliminate the source of the problem quickly and correctly to prevent costly issues from arising. Learn more about the steps to take to lessen the impact of water damage to your home by reviewing the short outline provided for you compliments of SERVPRO.

Note: Seasonal insight into preventing snow and ice from causing water damage is timely. Water intrusion as a result of accumulated snow melting on the roof, with clogged gutters from ice or debris, will seep through the sheathing, soffits, and fascias into the attic. Prevent ice dams by keeping gutters and downspouts obstruction free. Attic insulation, as per R-rated guidelines for your locale, will diminish ice dam formations. Frozen pipes that burst can initiate hidden or extreme water flow. Keep adequate interior temperatures to prevent freezing when the house is vacant or unoccupied for more than several days. Turn off the water main and drain plumbing lines for extended non-occupancy.

How To Handle Water Damage
Once you realize that water intrusion is occurring on your property, there are several steps you can take to mitigate the water damage and expedite restoration.
• Turn the water off immediately.
• If it safe to do so, turn the electricity off as quickly as possible.
• Help prevent mold growth by reducing your house temperature until it is below 70 degrees.
• Call your insurance agent. This step is important because it will enable you to start filing your claim.
• Contact SERVPRO, water damage restoration experts, to remove all water and diminish the possibility of mold growth.

Why Acting Immediately Is Important
In some cases, a busy lifestyle or pressing work-related matters will prevent a residential property owner from reacting quickly when unwanted water appears. Don't let a small leak become a large flood. It is critically important that you take positive action as soon as you realize there is excess water on your property.

Call SERVPRO For Excellent, Expedient Water Damage Remediation Our IICRC-certified technicians have extensive industry experience and will provide you with 24/7 emergency services. Because of our commitment to offering excellent results at affordable prices, we are industry leaders with over 1,650 U.S. and Canadian franchises. We can restore your Coon Rapids water damaged property "Like it never even happened."

We’re Highly Trained Water Damage Specialists

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County proudly services our local communities of Coon Rapids, Blaine, and Andover. We are faster to any size disaster and are ready 24/7 to provide help. 763-712-9712

Limit Water Damage in Andover with These Steps

10/20/2015 (Permalink)

Control Potential Water Damage ASAP

SERVPRO Is on Standby to Limit Water Damage to your Andover Home

Water damage in your Andover home can take place for several reasons. In addition to experiencing excess water due to natural disasters like floods and fire, property owners often find that a leaky pipe or a sewage issue is the culprit. In many cases, homeowners grow distraught and financially strained once their properties are impacted by water damage. However, knowing what to do when the situation arises can help keep you calm, minimize water damage, and moving forward toward a solution. Here are three simple strategies to implement after water damage has affected you home in Andover.

1. Shut Off The Source of the Water

Bear in mind, safety is always first. If possible investigate and find the source of the water intrusion. The most important action you can initiate is to stop the flow of water, either from the localized area of the flooding or the main shut off valve. This main valve is usually located outside of the house. Rapid response is the key to this step because the faster you turn off the main water valve, the faster you can stop the unwanted water flow. Try to limit the water damage.

2. Turn Your Utilities Off If Safe

Remember, safety first. If you had a strong flow of water within your house, and you cannot safely walk on the floor due to floating debris, or lack of visibility do not enter. The danger of electrocution is very real. In the case of a burst pipe or leak that is not overwhelming, proceed slowly and safely. Try to turn off your main circuit breaker in the electrical control panel if accessible. Now you can safely disconnect any appliances in pooling water. The importance of stemming the flow of water is obvious, yet by doing so, you may salvage more personal items and appliances.

3. Call A Water Damage Restoration Company.

The above drama is prudent behaviour for large volumes of water flow. If a simple mop and bucket along with running a fan will remedy a minimal water leak, then you saved property, inconvenience and money. If not, then the final step you should take when you experience water damage in your Andover home is to call SERVPRO. We possess the training, experience, and industrial grade equipment to quickly extract the water from your home. Then we can remove moisture and salvageable furnishings for cleaning. We have IICRC certified training in all aspects of cleaning--spray and wipe, foam cleaning, and abrasive cleaning just to name a few. Then we can remove odor and deodorize using special air scrubbers and fogging equipment. Additionally, we can, upon their approval, work in tandem with your insurance company or adjuster to expedite the entire process, saving you time and money. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

We live and work in Andover too; we might even be neighbors. As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is close by to Blaine and Fridley and ready to respond to your flood or water damage emergency. Call us for help. (763) 712-9712

How a Coon Rapids Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help You

7/9/2015 (Permalink)

The sooner water is cleaned up, the less damage there will be.

How a Water Damage Restoration Company Can Help You

When a person’s home is plagued by damage from water, one of the very first things they wonder it is if it is worth the expense to hire a professional Coon Rapids water damage restoration company or if they should just try to do the cleanup themselves. Many question the benefits of hiring a restoration company or want to know how much damage water needs to cause before contacting a professional cleaning and restoration company like SERVPRO is worth it.

When your property is damaged by Coon Rapids water as a result of a flood, a cracked or broken water line, sewage that has backed up into your home, or if water has pooled in a certain area for more than 24 hours, it is in your best interest to contact SERVPRO who can clean up and restore an area after it has been damaged by water. Having damage caused by water professionally cleaned will minimize long-term problems in the future like wood rot that could eventually weaken a home's structure.

The Sooner Water Is Extracted, The Faster an Area Will Dry
One benefit the comes from using SERVPRO is that they are equipped with the tools necessary to completely remove standing water from hard surfaces, like wood and tile, as well as from softer surfaces that could absorb Coon Rapids water, like carpets and furniture. This allows these surfaces to drive faster. The quicker water dries, the less damage will take place. If water is not dried within 48 hours, mold will begin to grow and damage the property and put the health of its occupants at risk.

Minimizing Health Concerns
Depending on where the source of the water that damaged the building is from, its occupants may be at risk from bacterial contamination or contamination from microorganisms. This is especially the case with floodwater and sewage water. Trained professionals understand the potential hazards that come from dirty water and will come equipped with the necessary equipment to clean it up properly while protecting themselves and others from health concerns.

Water Restoration Reduces Total Losses
The sooner water is cleaned up, the less damage there will be. The longer water sits in an area, the more damage it will cause to floors, drywall, and furniture. Often times, repairing a home after it has been damaged by a flood is a lot more expensive than having professionals come in and cleanup the water immediately.

SERVPRO is able to respond quickly. They can save homeowners the burden of trying to clean up water accumulation in their home themselves. As they clean, SERVPRO can identify secondary damage to the structure of the home and its foundation. They leave homeowners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that every drop of water that is found in the home has been dried and that mold growth has been prevented. 

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is strategically located to respond quickly to your water or flood damage event. When a major flooding event occurs, we can call upon our national network of 1,650 SERVPRO Franchises and special Disaster Recovery Teams if we need additional resources or personnel.

3 Ways to Prevent Water From Getting Into Your Basement This Spring

3/26/2015 (Permalink)

Water can seep into a basement from many different places!

It’s been a mild winter in Coon Rapids, Anoka, Blaine, Elk River and all throughout Minnesota but that doesn’t mean your basement still isn’t at risk of flooding this spring.  One major storm is all it takes to saturate the ground and cause problems for anyone not prepared.

At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County, our technicians are specialists at water remediation, water removal and water clean-up from basements.  We are on call 24 hours a day to help if you need us.  But follow the below tips to reduce the chances of having a problem!

1. If you have a below grade sump pump, take the cover off the well and make sure it is free of debris.  It is also a good idea to test it to make sure it is still operational after the winter.  To do this, you can remove the cover from the basket, and raise the float valve to simulate water entering the sump pump well.  The pump should turn on automatically.

2. Inspect your gutters.  They should be free of leaves, twigs and mud and all the down spouts should point away from your house. 

3. If you have a septic tank, spring is a great time to have it cleaned.  A clean septic tank will do a much better job standing up to any strong rainfalls and will have a smaller chance of becoming clogged.

Please click on the below link for more information on water removal from your basement or call us at: 651-631-0071:

Water Removal From Basements

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County Travels to the East Coast

3/17/2015 (Permalink)

Our team drove over 24 hours straight to get to the New England area.

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County  recently travelled to the East Coast as a member of the SERVPRO Storm Team, a nationwide network of the most highly trained fire and water restoration professionals who travel on a moment’s notice to help those who have been affected by fire, storms and flooding.

Three weeks ago we sent a team to the New England area to help the people out there who are dealing with one of their worst winters on record.  With over 100 inches of snowfall in under eight weeks and consistent sub-zero temps, there are thousands of homeowners dealing with frozen pipes, ice dams or both!

Our team was in the area working for 10 days straight, sometimes for 14-1 hours at a time.  We went from South Boston all the way up to Manchester, NH.  We dealt with snowbanks twice as high as our truck and neighborhood roads so overwhelmed by snow they were almost impossible to navigate.

Everyone returned home safe and sound and we were even able to stop for an authentic cup of New England Clam Chowder on our way out of town! 

SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County is a locally based business that has effectively mitigated water damages in Anoka, Andover, Elk River, Blaine, Coon Rapids and St. Francis among others!  If you need our help, please call us 24/7 at: 763-712-9712

Why Water Damaged Needs to Be Taken Care of Immediately

3/4/2015 (Permalink)

The above is an example of our hardwood floor drying mat system.

Even a small amount of water can cause a lot of damage to a property and if corrective action isn’t taken right away, the homeowner may bear the cost of the clean-up.  This is because most homeowner insurance policies will state that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to try to limit further damage to their home after a water loss.  If they don’t do anything, the insurance company could deny the claim.

On top of this, the longer there is water in a home, the greater the possibility of the home experiencing secondary damage.  This is when materials that are wet sustain additional damage that then becomes more expensive to fix.  A good example is when wet drywall is not properly dried and then becomes moldy.  Another one is when you have a wet room that is not addressed and the high humidity levels cause damage to another room that wasn’t originally affected.

Secondary damage is always more expensive to mitigate than the original water damage but can be avoided is corrective action is taken right away!

At SERVPRO of Coon Rapids/Central Anoka County, we have successfully mitigated water damages in hundreds of homes in Anoka, MN, East Bethel, MN, Elk River, MN, Blaine, MN St. Francis, MN and Coon Rapids, MN

Once you see our green trucks pull into your driveway or parking lot, you can rest assured you’re in capable hands. We have the latest modern, commercial-grade drying equipment available, including, extractors, dehumidifiers, air movers, hardwood floor drying systems, and each of our trained technicians are certified and water restoration.

Damage from Broken Pipes in Coon Rapids

1/19/2015 (Permalink)

This broken pipe caused over $20,000 in damage to a Coon Rapids based business

Frozen pipes are one of the most common causes of pipe bursts. Therefore, you need to take some important steps to prevent them from freezing. Here are two tips that we recommend:

  • Insulate the water pipes which are exposed to cold. Most times, these pipes are located in the crawl space, attic or along your exterior wall. Adding an extra layer of insulation will keep your pipes protected from freezing temperatures. You can even wrap these insulated pipes in heat tape.
  • Seal all the leaks that let the freezing air enter your home, especially if they are near the pipes. Most often this includes spots around cable, telephone or electrical wiring entering the home through exterior walls.
  • If you do have a pipe break in your home or business, turn off the water source as quickly as possible.  This might mean turning off that water main.  This will help limit the damage and the amount of water that comes into the structure.

    No matter how bad the damage is, we are always here to help and since we are locally based whether you live in Coon Rapids, Anoka, or Elk River, we can have one of our certified technicians on site to help typically within an hour or two. 

    Water Damage in Coon Rapids, Blaine and Andover

    9/24/2014 (Permalink)

    Carpet that sits wet for a long time will become damaged beyond repair. The key to saving carpet damaged by water is getting it dry quickly!

    If you have suffered water damage in your home, you most likely are faced with cleaning up wet, soggy carpet.

    In these situations, we are often asked if the carpet could be saved.  And the answer is that, more times that not, we can save the carpet but it needs to be dried quickly.

    The longer carpet sits wet, the higher the chance is that is will be damaged beyond repair or, even worse, mold will start growing.

    Our certified water restoration technicians have speciality equipment to safely extract the water from the carpet and then remove any remaining moisture from it.

    There are instances when the carpet cannot be saved. This is usually when the source of the water has come from an outside source, such as flooding or a sewer back up.  In these cases, more times than not, it is better to remove the carpet and padding so you don't risk any contamination from the bacteria that is in that type of water.

    Water Restoration in Coon Rapids, Anoka, East Bethel and Blaine

    9/2/2014 (Permalink)

    Water may be hiding where you don't expect it!

    Did you know that SERVPRO of Coon Rapids and Central Anoka County can use Thermal Imaging technology to locate water in your home?.

    We use the same high tech equipment that is used by the police to locate suspects. If water is present in building materials our thermal imaging camera will be able to detect and document the location without disrupting your home or business.

    Call us 24/7 at  763-712-9712 to set up a time to have your home inspection.  We are local and always here to help!

    -The SERVPRO of Coon Rapids and Central Anoka County Team

    What Kind of Water Damage is Covered By Insurance?

    8/27/2014 (Permalink)

    A leaky roof that causes damage to a ceiling may not be covered by insurance

    If you live in Anoka, Coon Rapids, Andover or Blaine you may find it confusing trying to figure out what is and isn't covered by insurance if you experience water damage in your home.

    The general rule of thumb is that if the water came from outside the home it isn't covered but if it came from inside the home it is.  To put it another way, water that comes in from flooding may not be covered but water that comes in from a broken pipe inside the house will be.

    If you are not sure, check with your insurance agent.  Knowing what is covered before something bad happens will allow you to plan appropriately. 

    For more information on what to do if your home is damaged by water, please visit our website at:

    Water Damage in Coon Rapids, Anoka, East Bethel, Elk River and Blaine

    7/21/2014 (Permalink)

    Collapsed ceiling from water damage from the spring rains.

    Now that Mother Nature is giving us a quick breather from the rains, it is time to have your home inspected for any water damage it may have suffered the last two months.

    SERVPRO of Coon Rapids and Central Anoka County specializes in water damage extraction, cleanup, structure drying, carpet removal, pad removal and much more!

    We work with most insurance carriers across the country and our certified technicians can quickly perform an inspection of your home or business.

    With one of the largest restoration teams in the state we service the Coon Rapids, East Bethel, Elk River, Blaine, St. Francis and Zimmer areas.

    Please give us a call at any time to set up an appointment.  Our 24 hour on call number is: 952-473-4837

    SERPVRO-We’ll make it like it never even happened!